Blade Angels

An assassin exiled from her Order takes her handler under her wing while in hiding as they both go after her prior associates to find out whats really happening to the Mystic Orders of the world.


13. First Blood

It was dark when they used Cher's magic to return to the city. Ker couldn't count how much caffeine she had consumed to keep herself up this late after having trained earlier that day. 

"It's time to see what you are made of." Iva smirked as she said it, she was truly interested to see if Ker really had it in her. While Cher studied the book, Iva decided she could do more investigation by dropping in on some prior associates. Perfect practice of Ker's abilities. 

This time, instead of having Cher take them to the abandoned subterranean restaurant once more, they were atop a large apartment complex, just on the roof of the most expensive flat. The night was dark with clouds looming over, but the rain dared not to pour down quite yet while lightning flashed above them. 

Iva had originally explained that both Iva and Cher would be going to a nearby hideout, a building under construction to become a neighboring apartment complex. What Ker did not know was that Iva would in fact be coming right back to help Ker in the case of any issue escaping. From the top Cher did a quick teleportation incantation to the nearby building. 

As they left, Ker knew what to do, she jumped from the roof onto a tiled deck with a small garden and a swimming pool wearing a sleek black backpack. A walkway crept up to a mostly glass wall that showed a kitchen, living room, hallway of closed doors and a staircase that went down to a lower part of the flat. The lights were off, perfect for Ker's quiet footsteps as she entered. Her focus was everywhere at the same time, with a heightened sense of her surroundings. The first thing she did was put the stove gas on in the kitchen before proceeding.

She went through the main room, and down the hall quiet as ever, listening for more than the echo of music creeping from the last room on the left. Her target was listening to Prokofiev Violin Concerto No.2 in G minor. There was no sound of footsteps, or rustling about, the person in question was in fact lying in his bed listening to the music. With a cloth she slowly turned the knob to not make a sound. Luckily for her, he was asleep with a half filled glass of whiskey sweating on the bed stand. He looked to be in his 40's, grey on either side of his pepper black hair. 

Keeping her composure and smirking at how easy this was going to be, she unveiled the needle from a hidden compartment in her sleeve just below the wrist. Her hand was steady as she approached, a button on her wrist would trigger a release of the needle in mid-air. With no time wasted she released the needle into her suitor's jugular. It would take a few minutes for the poison concoction to wake him up.

With that she took the whiskey from the side table, sprinkled some dust inside to make sure it wasn't poisoned and with an all clear, she pranced to a nicely upholstered chair with the whiskey in hand. She sat on the arm of the large gold and red chair sipping the whiskey, awaiting for him to waken.

He opened his eyes slowly. 

"Iva, is that you?" His voice was deep but both sleep and the poison was already starting to get to him.

"No, Iva is not here, I'm her apprentice." The man chuckled.

"Kind of young for her to have an apprentice already."

"She's trained me well."

"I can see that. I can not say that I was not expecting this."

"Then you know why I am here?"

"You tell me."

"Why was Iva to be exiled from the order?" A grave look came upon his face.

"How long do I have?"

"To speak?" She looked at her wrist. "Oh I'd say approximately 20 minutes. But don't even think about leaving the bed. You're paralyzed waist down at this point."

"Ah. Well I better get to talking then seeing as I have little to no time left." Ker just stared at him with a straight face, in the back of her mind she was a tad suspicious of this man, she was already playing out shooting him with the gun in her back holster in her head.

"Tell Iva the world is changing. Our blood is no longer welcome in it. Knowing her, the only reason she would be here, is due to a discovery of the ancient text. So to save even more time I will cut down to the chase; our way in the new world is considered to be unnecessary. If she wants to survive I suggest she not fight this perjury but hide. The only way to fight this dark magic is by either fighting with its equivalent or accepting your fate. In this case, for what it takes to obtain such strong counteracting spells I suggest she do the latter... especially at the mere skill level of an assassin, her power is not great enough by far to handle this. Both sides must have a master of the craft to make this work and from what I have seen so far they have the right type of body to do so."

"How are you so certain that she is incapable?"

"Trust me child, if she is using someone to read the book for her, how on earth do you expect her to read the Vitam Mundis?" Ker just gave him a cold look, he could feel the poison was working its way through his upper body now.

"For a more direct answer to your original question however, it's no wonder that the head of the order was assassinated. Someone has taken over, who, it is unclear to be quite frank, but as to why it seems very clear. Why else would there be such conflict within not only the assassins but the wolves, bats, sorcerers, and the like? Something is brewing. Iva may know more than I in the matter, but all I do know is that I was given instruction to put her name up to the council for exile by way of an enchanted parchment. If you do not believe me, just look in my study, the scorch mark is still on my desk." They sat in silence for a moment, the music still playing in the background.

"Well, thank you for your words." Ker sat there on the chair arm pulling the gun from her back. Without hesitation she aimed the gun at his forehead and pulled the trigger with ease. Blood splattered on the wall behind and his body lay limp. Before leaving she made a quick trip downstairs to the study where the desk was, and as he said, there was the mark. She took pictures with her phone before heading back up to the garden outside where there was a slight ledge. Before closing the door to outside she took a bottle out of her pack with a gasoline soaked cloth in the top, lit it on fire with a match and then threw it into the room, closing the door behind her. Immediately she ran for the ledge, jumped and pulled a cord on her right hand side releasing a black chute as she glided to the neighboring building where Iva and Cher waited. 

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