Blade Angels

An assassin exiled from her Order takes her handler under her wing while in hiding as they both go after her prior associates to find out whats really happening to the Mystic Orders of the world.


12. Education

Training entailed a whole lot more than Ker had hoped for after having had so many brownies. From then on each day Iva would wake Ker up at dawn to begin training, and it would last well into the night. Ker was being pushed to her limits each day with lessons on parkour/free-running, weapon mastery, hand to hand combat, poison studies, and how to be unseen without the magic talent possessed by Iva. Iva had Ker on a diet which Ker somewhat followed, but being an independent woman she snuck some brownies and some ice cream with Cher every once and a while. 

"How come you decided to become an assassin? Why not become a sorceress or a powerful witch?" Ker asked during combat training one day as she had actually started to spar more easily along with Iva. 

"Let's just say those with dead parents and magic blood typically have their path chosen for them." 

"Oh, I didn't know, I'm sorry to hear."

"Don't be, I'd rather be an assassin than a scholar, keeps my ass in shape as I'm sure you're starting to notice in your own physique." 

"Why don't you believe in God? Or Gods?"

"An instrument of death? Are you kidding? When your job is to kill without question and prejudice, faith is but a set back."

"What about the Gods Cher was talking about? I mean you seem to be taking this whole Necros book seriously."

"Listen, I know there is magic, I know there is magic used for all sides of the spectrum. Unlike what most people would love to believe, the world is a whole lot of grey in the middle. What I DO know is that the magic within that book is blood magic, magic I am all too familiar with, that can cause a whole lot more harm than just killing a few people in the art of assassination. Although it may be hard to believe from a faithless assassin, I do have a set of morals to notice the difference between assassination and genocide." 

"Well I'd like to believe there's someone watching us out there." They continued to spar and as Ker did a roundhouse kick, Iva blocked with her back leg and came in with a side kick. 

"I think that's enough sparring for one day, let's move to the ropes course shall we?" With that they kept practicing until eight that evening. 


That night Iva went out, this time instead of an assassination, she was out for Gabe. Bow and quiver full of sharp arrows strapped around her shoulder. It had been a few months since she had banished them from the house now dominated by women, and due to the high estrogen she would find escape some nights going out on a hunt with Gabe. Tonight, unlike the previous nights, was a new moon making it exceptionally darker than usual. When she went to their usual spot a few miles out by a small bush of wolf's bane she could barely see, but luckily her senses were heightened when Gabe came to try and startle her.

"You should know better than to sneak up behind an assassin Gabriel." 

" Hmph, so when are we allowed back in? Not enough estrogen in the house yet?"

"Oh, are you upset you haven't been able to bed me the past few months?" Now Iva was just taunting him.

"You should know better than to taunt a wolf like that." Iva gave a slight satisfactory laugh as Gabe looked at her with eyes narrowed.

"How about this, if you help me find and kill a giant wood elk tonight, you and Mynx can come back."

"Good, I'm getting sick having that feline stinking up my home."

"But you both are not permitted inside the house if you are going to tear up the property. Cher is there and she actually owns the place so BOTH of you owe her an apology."

Gabe gave out a growl at the idea of having to be civil with Mynx in the cabin, but he agreed. Gabe changed into his full wolf form, large and masculine. As he ran through the forest, Iva had climbed to the top of the trees and raced him with an enhanced speed enchantment that allowed her to move like the wind amongst the branches. 

They finally stopped at a rainbow pond, where the water was crystal clear glowing a light blue, but all of the aquatic creatures within glistened with various colors on their scales of certain color schemes. Some were of a deep purple, blue, and aquamarine while others glistened with orange, red, and yellows. They seemed to dance in the water along the bottom. At the edge of the pond is where the giant wood elks would drink. 

Gabe was quiet in his approach the last quarter mile having already picked up the scent of an elk approaching the pond. Iva was up on the branch with the bow and an arrow in hand. Her aim was on it's broadside but she aimed slightly high so she would have a higher chance of only hitting the lungs. She had no poison on her arrows so when the Elk ran Gabe could finish the kill with no contest. 

With a slow and steady silent exhale Iva released the bow draw. Before the elk could move from the hissing sound created by the arrow's speed it's lungs were pierced. Immediately the elk ran back with a pink and frothy tint to the blood trail left behind. Without hesitation, Gabe thrust himself into the air, jumping across the pond and pouncing onto the elk with a violent snap of the neck thrashing it around like a dog would a chew toy. 

Iva jumped down pleased with the kill and with that Gabe and Mynx were allowed back into the cabin.

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