Blade Angels

An assassin exiled from her Order takes her handler under her wing while in hiding as they both go after her prior associates to find out whats really happening to the Mystic Orders of the world.


5. Dreamland

Ker woke the next morning dazed. Mynx was laying on her staring straight at her face.


"Well that was a strange dream.You wouldn't believe it Myn you were like a person!" Ker picked up Mynx as she got up from the bed and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. 

Iva was already at the kitchen table fully dressed with her hands clasped sitting at the end as though she had been waiting patiently.

"And the sleeping beauty finally arises!" 

"It's eight in the morning! What God forsaken hour do you wake up at?!"

"Oh come now Ker the art of little to no sleep is something the well trained assassin always has mastered. Eat up so we can get your lazy ass to work."

"What do you mean?" 

"Training starts in 15 minutes." 

"So much for a decent big breakfast."


Once down in the basement Iva had Ker start off with practice shooting. To her surprise Ker was actually a very accurate shot with a handgun. 

"Where did you learn how to shoot Tex?"

"Having a redneck father helps a bit." Iva got quiet at the mention of parents, but barely made the short silence noticeable by quickly having them change focus onto hand to hand combat. This took a lot more work throughout the whole day, constantly changing Ker's positions to provide muscle memory in the right positions. By the time they were done Ker wanted to just pass out. 

A few hours went by and Ker woke up to the breathing once more.

"You're a dream," she whispered up at him.

"If you say so, Mistress." He leaned down until his lips were a hair's breath away from hers. He could feel her hot breath fanning out against his lips. "If I'm a dream, what do you want?"

"You." She snaked her hands into his hair and pulled his head down until his lips smashed into hers. Tongues tangled as his hands slid under her to cradle her to his chest. He felt one of her hands slip down his back to grab his ass. He rolled until she was on top of him, straddling his waist.

"You're still clothed, Mistress," he growled.

"And what are you going to do about that?" She asked breathlessly.

His eyebrow raised and he ripped her nightgown down the center. Her breath caught in her throat. "That was my only pjs."

"Guess you'll be sleeping naked then." He brushed her hair over her shoulder. Sat up, and kissed the naked curve of her neck. "But I'll keep you warm, do not worry."

He rolled her onto her back. Her knee was raised, cradling his hip. When suddenly his head whipped up. His irises narrowed to slits as they stared out the window. "Stay down." He jumped off the bed, and once again, dove through the window towards the threat.


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