Blade Angels

An assassin exiled from her Order takes her handler under her wing while in hiding as they both go after her prior associates to find out whats really happening to the Mystic Orders of the world.


10. Dominance Complication

The sun was high as she approached the house, but only dappled light reached her. It wasn't until she got to the cabin, and heard the ruckus, that she realized she had forgotten something. Or rather, someone. Shit, she thought to herself, Gabe. Iva ran toward the sound of shattering wood and heavy thumps. She rounded the corner of the house to find two animals growling at each other. Covered in cuts, bruises and blood. The wolf and jaguar panted from opposite sides of the courtyard. The ground, both stone and dirt, had claw marks in them. Iva slid to a halt in surprise. Jaguar... her shoulders slumped in relief. She had thought it was another wolf that had followed Gabe to the cabin. At least the wolves hadn't figured out his part in the assassination.

"Gabe, Mynx, knock it off. You're making a mess. And don't think I won't make you both clean it up. I don't care if you are bleeding-"

The animals jumped at each other and hit midair. The wolf latched onto the jaguar's neck. Mynx slashed viciously at Gabe's stomach. Iva's eyes widened. They were actually trying to harm one another. What the hell had happened when she was away? She looked away when she saw a brief movement on the porch. Ker sat with her elbows on her knees watching the fight. Iva couldn't tell what she was thinking. She went over and sat with Ker on the porch. "Do I want to know?" Iva asked her as they watched the battle rage. Blood went flying as Mynx pulled away from Gabe's jaws. 

"No. You really don't want to know." Ker said quietly. "Men are so ridiculous. All this over a little mistake. Complete overreaction." Mynx kicked out and caught Gabe's midsection. He went flying and snapped the trunk of another tree. Ker shook her head as she looked at the devastation. The poor land. It would take years to erase this fight.

The bark rained down as Gabe pulled himself off the ground. He snarled and shook the rest of the splinters off his fur. Iva looked at his eyes and could tell that they were both more animal than man at that point. She shook here head. There was no stopping this fight. They were going to have to go at it until one or both collapsed. Idiots.

Mynx charged the wolf. Soil flew into the air everytime his claws came off the ground. Bite and scratch were exchanged. Growls echoed off the trees that were left. Claws came away with blood, and more of it dripped from their fangs. 

"How long?" Iva asked quietly as she watched the fight intensely.

"Just over two hours. Look, they are slowing down. When they first started, all I could see were blurs."

"Just as well." Iva stood and pulled Ker to her feet. "Let's go rest. They can deal with the consequences of their stupidity." She led Ker into the cabin. And that is when she smelled the blood. It was a sweeter smell than the stuff that was splattered all outside. Iva looked at the woman she was beginning to think of as a friend. "Really? This is because Gabe came near you when you're on your cycle?"

Ker closed her eyes and nodded. 

"Goddamn cat. He needs a chill pill."

Ker just nodded again. They both walked into the kitchen. A loud crash sounded from the front door. She reached into the fridge and pulled out a chocolate bar before wandering toward her room. From the sound, she didn't even have to look to know that one of them had flown through the door and broken it. Iva could deal with them when it was over. She was going to curl up with a heating pad and a book. Hopefully fall asleep when the noise was over.

"I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL YOU BOTH IF ANYTHING ELSE HAPPENS TO THIS HOUSE. YOU WILL STOP THIS RIGHT NOW AND FIX THE GODDAMN DOOR THIS INSTANT." Iva used a spell to project her voice and anger. Both animals stopped, transfix by her rage. Both tails dropped between their legs. Their fur smoothed out. Their eyes became human first. Then the rest of them. Two naked men stood in front of her. The fury in her eyes was nothing compared to what had started the fight.

Gabe reached up and rubbed his head, chagrined. "Iva, I-"

"Fix. The. Door. NOW." She said quietly.

The men bumped into each other in their attempt to get out the door. They ran side by side to the shed. Mynx pulled the door open and they grabbed almost every tool in it before running back to the porch. There were cuts and bite marks all over both naked forms. But they were healing with that natural swiftness. Iva stood in the doorway and watched as they started repairing the hinges and door. "God help me, if you ever fight each other again, I will cut off one body part for everything that is broken. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Ker is not feeling well, and instead of making her feel better as you should be-Mynx-you're being a complete ass.

"And you, Gabriel. I can't believe you went along with it. You should be better able to control yourself. And you know better than to push a dominant male when his woman is in heat. Get your shit together. And you both aren't allowed in the house until I contact you. So you better find a place to stay, Mynx." Iva stepped into the house and put a seal over the hallway so that neither could get in even though the door was still down. 

She walked toward Ker's room to find her curled up on her bed, fast asleep. Iva smiled slightly. "Stupid men," she said quietly before shutting Ker's door. "What are we going to do with them?" Iva went into the kitchen and made coffee. She sat down with it cradled in her hands and thought about the fight. What to do indeed?

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