Blade Angels

An assassin exiled from her Order takes her handler under her wing while in hiding as they both go after her prior associates to find out whats really happening to the Mystic Orders of the world.


9. Dies Irae

Iva followed as a shadow on the wall behind the vampire as he strode to a mirror. It hung plastered on a wall about a foot up from the floor. It was at least 12 feet high and six feet long and reflected the steep stairwell that was lit by floating torches. The white gold frame was carved in an ornate floral design. The servant at his side was quiet, and huddled close to Damon, she looked like a child almost but in fact she was a half-ling. 

Iva stayed close as the half-ling opened the mirror from the back to reveal a door to another realm. A portal door. It opened to the interior of a well-decorated Gothic castle. This realm was home to the vampiric land called Hallow's Point. This was Larynx Castle. Iva had not been there since she helped Leon escape. Although hesitant, Iva made a mental note of the surroundings so she could make an escape back to the forest tree in quickly if necessary.

Damon lead the way to his chambers up a few flights of stairs covered in elaborate pictures of family past. Some of whom were still dragging their undead corpses around making life more annoying than it had to be. His bed chamber was a suite with an open marble bathroom attached to the far left wall. A closet was between the bathroom and the door. A large bed stood at the center of the farthest wall draped with deep red fabrics with gold trimmings. The floor was stone with large dark rugs to make the room seem somewhat warm. A desk stood with a study attached to the right wall.

"Anything for your chambers, sir?" The half-ling finally spoke, not only did she look like a child but she spoke like one too. 

"No, thank you Roo, I'll have my privacy now." 

Iva lost no time as Damon began to take off his coat. She slid behind him with a retractable metal-shelled stake that was filled with blessed oak. With this, she pinned his calves with small needles covered in a magic powder made to paralyze mystics from the neck down.  She lifted her cloaking spell just for the moment. She put her lips close to his ear, 

"I want you to listen closely, I will give you to the count of five to show me where you have your "plans" documented. If you do not tell me, this stake goes directly into your heart."

"Clever girl."


"But I think it would be wise for you to know that this isn't going to keep us from completing what we have started, there are too many of us to stop this now."

"Two....Three..." She began to press the stake's tip into his skin and a screeching, sizzling sound began to pierce the air from its slow entrance into Damon's skin. 

"Four.." She pressed slightly harder.

"Under the false bottom of the right drawer. Combination 597." She lifted the stake out of his chest with a pause before thrusting it in full power to his heart just before lightly prancing backwards. The stake casing disintegrated from the heat coming out of the stake into Damon's heart.  Before he could scream his whole body was turned to ash. 

With that Iva went into the right drawer and found the plans were not where Damon had stated. In fact, they were in the left drawer with a totally different combination altogether. She had to practice her old skills by listening for the right clicks for entrance. They weren't just a few written pages. It ended up being a complete book covered in red leather and engraved with the words "Dies Irae." Thorned vines surrounded the title. Iva quickly recast the spell to be of the shadows and left with the book in hand. The quicker she got back to the cabin, the quicker she could start unraveling this plot. 

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