Blade Angels

An assassin exiled from her Order takes her handler under her wing while in hiding as they both go after her prior associates to find out whats really happening to the Mystic Orders of the world.


7. Death's Elixer

Iva and Gabe arrived at the festival not an hour after leaving the cabin in the woods. The heart of the forest, where the festivities were taking place were well lit by the native fairies that had been invited. All they had to do in return for the invite and all the alcohol they could drink, was fly around with their illumination spells on. This gave the party a surreal, but warm light as the night progressed. The small fairies added to the mysteriousness of the full moon's soft light.

They slowed at the edge of the trees. Iva surveyed the gentle hills that the Weres spilled across. The bunch were already drunk; laughing loudly and having random sparring matches to gain the favor of the lady wolves. She hadn't even needed a spell to mask her scent, as plenty of the Weres had brought women of various origins to the banquet. 

Iva looked over at Gabe for direction. She followed his eyes to a circle of Alphas. They were standing around a fire with mugs of ale in their hands, arguing of one thing or another. She could not tell from this distance what the argument was about. However, she could sense from their body language that, for most of the group, it was good natured bantering. For the most part. Yet, looking closely, she could tell that there was at least one, perhaps two, Alphas that were not as pleased with the group as they would want the other alphas to know. 

"Gale," Gabriel breathed quietly. He nodded his head to the one that Iva had perceived to be discontented with the whole situation. "He is your target. Let's see what you can do. I hope you haven't lost any of that skill you had the last time we met."

"Trust me, he will be dead before sunrise." Iva turned to face him. Her arm slipped up and around his shoulder, while her left hand pulled his chin down to her. She kissed him as she rubbed her body against his. When she pulled away, she was secretly pleased with the slightly dazed look in his eyes. "That should keep the other males away from me. At least, they won't be asking who I'm here with." With that, Iva turned and walked down the hill toward the alphas. 

"Where the hell is the whiskey?" He growled to himself as he set off at a slightly different angle. That woman was going to be the death of him, he thought. As he tugged at the waist of his pants to adjust himself. Rock hard and definitely distracted. How was he supposed to keep his wits about him when she did this to him?

He came to a halt near his brothers and signaled one to pour him a drink. Hopefully, she would be done soon, and then he could get her back home. Home, and away from him. He took a gulp from the mug his brother handed him, as he looked toward the alphas. Let her be quick and safe. He didn't need this blowing up in his face.


"Hello, my lords." Iva said with a sexy pout as she wandered up to the Alphas. "I just wanted to pay my respects to the Leaders of these fine clans." She bowed her head slightly before straightening to look around the circle. She could feel the fire warming her cheeks. The scent of freshly burning wood made her feel alive and she knew this was the perfect time to slip Gale his poison. If she did it now, in front of everyone, they would never suspect her. Who would be so brash? She smiled slightly to herself. She was, she thought. 

"You're here with Gabriel," one man said to her left. Her quarry was on her immediate right. 

"Well, I arrived here with him anyway." She said with a sultry laugh. "That does not mean that I will be leaving with him. He has no claim on me as his mate." Iva looked over at Gale, and noticed he stared at her with desire in his eyes. A slightly warped, dark desire, but it was enough for her to get close to him without him getting suspicious. 

Iva took the few steps that it took to close in on him. She bowed her head again, then lifted her eyes to his. She knew the whole circle was watching her. Hell, most of the packs probably had their eyes on her now. Iva lifted her right hand and gently placed it on his muscled arm. "Who knows," she whispered to Gale, "maybe a mate is here for me tonight after all."

Iva slipped his mug out of his hand with her other hand over the top. She took a sip, looking at him over the rim. Then, without missing a beat, she triggered the latch on her ring. It opened and the poison fell secretly into the cup and dissolved quickly into the ale. She rose on her toes, kissed him on the lips, handed him back his mug. And walked away. Iva looked over her shoulder at him. All the men saw the 'come hither' look she gave him. She knew however, that he wouldn't be able to get away from the group for hours. By the time he did, he would already be dying. 

She watched in satisfaction as he took a long drink of the ale. He showed no reaction, so he sensed nothing. Yes, she thought. This will be your last night. Iva walked up the hill toward Gabe, only to see that he had been staring her down the entire time. His eyes burned with what in any other man would have been jealously. Who knew with him though. "Do you wish to stay the night?" Iva asked as she sat on the log next to him and took the mug handed to her. 

"Aye, we will wait for the sun. It is tradition." Gabe seemed to have pulled himself back together. She nodded so that he knew the deed was done. He relaxed, but only a little. He wouldn't be truly relaxed until he was home and Gale was dead. 

"Then, come the sun," she said in toast and then drank until her mug was empty. 

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