Blade Angels

An assassin exiled from her Order takes her handler under her wing while in hiding as they both go after her prior associates to find out whats really happening to the Mystic Orders of the world.


4. Alliances

Ker dared to look outside her window to find Mynx in the yard, a Khopesh blade in each hand. He stood ready for attack as he stared out into the woods in front of him. He could smell the wolf's bane out near the woods.

"Come out and fight coward!" Mynx growled as the words came out. 

"Relax, feline." A muscular, light brown werewolf came out of the woods. Large yellow eyes staring intently as though looking at prey. "I bring no harm."

"Why should I trust you? Speak carefully wolf." 

"Please, do not underestimate me, cat. I have a much bigger bite than you would expect. No matter, I would like to know what the likes of your kind is doing in the white fang pack's forest?"

"Your forest? And since when do the wolves only roam in packs? What happened to unity in pack brethren?" 

"There is much more at stake here feline, more than either of us. A stench is growing in the alphas of The Union and we cannot stand for it. So if you would be so kind as to invite me in."

"I knew I smelled dog." Iva revealed herself from a patch of creeping vines along the side of the house with guns loaded with silver bullets. 

"Clever girl." The wolf eyeballed the gun. 

"But if it would make things easier..." The wolf transformed into his human form. Sweat beaded down his body. His glowing yellow eyes were now a dark brown. And his coat receded to long sandy blonde hair sweeping down to his shoulder blades. 

"Put some clothes on, wolf. These ladies demand decency." Mynx placed the Khopesh back in his belt along his hip. 

"Oh come now Mynx I'm a grown woman I am sure I can handle myself." Iva took it as a challenge. 

"If it's decency you are concerned with, then by all means provide me with pants or wait for another half hour for me to go back where I started my night hunt." The werewolf's eyes flickered yellow as he said it mockingly.

Mynx growled but went inside to fetch some pants from a bedroom dresser holding spare clothes.

"How are things, Gabriel?" Iva looked at him as though he was a well cooked steak. Gabriel just smirked at the recognition.

Once back outside, Mynx tossed the pants to the ground in front of Gabriel with disgust.

"Go inside Mynx, I can handle it from here." Mynx just looked at her for a moment before looking to the window where Ker had been idly watching the whole time in bewilderment. Once she realized he was asking for permission to back off she nodded and he transformed back into his cat form, before strolling back to the window. 


Inside the lake house Gabe and Iva sat at the dining table with some whiskey.

"How's the pack?" She cradled her snifter in both hands, rolling it back and forth.

"No complaints, you know for an assassin that isn't supposed to have connections to anyone you did a hell of a good job keeping in contact with me... unless there's something you have been suspicious about the past few years?" Gabe looked at her curiously. 

"Let's just say I've had a hunch and I hate being so goddamn right all of the time." 

"Now really Iva, why did you leave the wolf's bane out?" 

"I need your help Gabe. I have to train my handler and I need more than just an enchantment to ensure security."

"What do I get out of it?"

"Let's just say if you betray my whereabouts you'll miss your manhood and more by the time I'm through with you."

"Mmmm, so fiery." A smirk briefly touched his lips. He remembered that fire from the last time they had met.

"Don't start Gabe, this is serious." Iva stopped playing with her glass and set it on the table between them. 

"Right, well, I would like to have more than just the spared head threat for persuasion." He slowly raised his glass to his lips as he watched her. 

"How about I put it this way. There's a price on my head Gabriel, I'll do anything to make sure this head stays on these shoulders. As much as I hate owing favors, you help me, I'll help you. Deal?"

Gabriel smirked at the ideas running through his head. "Deal." 

There was something about that smirk that she wasn't sure she liked. But when you were running for your life, you had limited options.


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