These wings were meant to fly

Sarah's life is far from being perfect; her boyfriend is being abusive and it's taking over her life. Her grades are dropping and all her friends have left her at school. As well as that the most popular girl is bullying her. Nothing is right and no one will listen. Sarah is on the verge of suicide until she listens to a song that changes her life. This is based on the song Wings by Little Mix.


3. The concert


I wake up at 7:00 and roll out of bed. My arm was still sore from the cut and I slowly one run one long finger over it and grimace. I deserve it I tell myself like I always do. Slowly I grab my uniform. I stare at the green jumper and I shudder as I think about my daily torment. I slowly slip on my green uniform and I look at it. I was glad my school had uniform so then the populars didn’t have to tease me about my style. I go downstairs and begin to brush my hair before leaving. Mum and Dad have already left for work so I don’t see them. I skip breakfast as usual and set off to school. Danny’s there waiting for me at the bus stop, I take one scared look at him and pretend not to see him.

“Hey Sarah” He shouted and I winced “I want to talk to you.”

I thought for a split second he might be breaking up with me and I got so excited, he had always said that if I broke up with him he would kill me.  I turn around and face him, I began to think about why he wanted to talk to me ; he had stopped his apologies long ago about how sorry he was when he hit me. I stare at him for a split second and he suddenly grabs me by my hand.

“I’ve got a surprise for you” He says in a monotone “My sister and her friend want to see a stupid concert and I’ve got to take her, but I could get out of it if someone else responsible takes her and her friend”

“No shit Sherlock” He says smirking. “It’s tonight at 7pm come to my house and I’ll give you the rest of the details.”

I don’t say anything, but just nod quickly and scuttle away to the end of the bus stop and wait there until the bus comes.

On the bus I begin to think about the concert...I wonder who is performing?  I have absolutely no idea who it would be and I guess I’ll just have to see who it is when I get there.

The bus turns the corner and I arrive there; at my school Wooland Green otherwise known as Hell.

Hey everyone thank you for reading this. Sorry I haven’t updated for such a long time and this is a rubbish chapter, but it does get better.

Thank you Isabellaxx

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