Summer Project

(Not famous) Only one more month until summer, but to ruin it Sophia and Madison have a final project and to make it ten times worse they are partnered up with two fifths of the populars, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. What's going to happen?


10. Chapter 8

"Niall, promise me something." I said burying my head into his chest. "Anything." He said while rubbing my back. "Promise you will be there for me, through thick and thin no matter what happens." I said looking up into his eyes. "I promise." He wiped away my tears and looked back into my eyes and said "Now why don't make some hot chocolate and we can watch movies?" "Yeah, that would be great." I said, I could feel a smile tug at my lips. "Go into the living room and choose a movie I'll be back in one moment." With that Niall ran upstairs. I walked into the living room where a huge stack of DVDs were. I flicked through them until I found the notebook. Suddenly Niall burst through the door in a American onsie. "So what do you think?" He said posing. "Hrmm I think it's better like this." I walked up and took the zip so it zipped all the way up over his face. I stared laughed before he interrupted "hahaha that was very funny." He said crossing his arms. "It was actually." I replied. "Oh so I guess you don't want my spare onsie." He said holding it up in his hand. "Shut up and give me it." With that I grabbed it out of his hand and ran upstairs.

  I came down in his Norway onsie to find Niall sitting on the sofa surrounded be food. I decided to try and scare him so I quietly crept up behind him and screamed. Niall jumped sending the popcorn flying and gave off a huge shrill scream. I started crying with laughter. He placed his hand on his chest. "T-that... was not...funny." He said trying to calm himself down. "Oh yes, yes it was!"  Niall sat and crossed his arms and wouldn't reply to me. "Aww Niall I'm sorry." I ran over and gave him a hug. I soon felt him hug back, it was...nice. Anyway back to the movie, we sat sipping hot chocolate and eating, and might I add alot, nothing cheers a girl up better that eating a ton load with your best friend. Yes, I guess now Niall is my best friend, I not close enough to be more than friends at the moment.    So we sat watching the Notebook really late as soon as it was over I realised my head was rested on Niall's chest, which was slowly rising and falling showing he was sleeping I looked up to his face to see his eyes were closed. I slowly got up trying not to wake him up and placed a blanket over him, I noticed the place was a mess so I picked up all the food we had left everywhere. I turned off the tv and I was just about to leave as I went down to pick up my bag which was lying next to Niall I felt a hand grip my wrist. I looked up to Niall confused. "I don't want you to go. I'll be lonely." He said with a pout on his face. "But I have to." "No you don't just stay tonight." I looked into his big beautiful blue eyes, they were irresistible. "Oh alright." I gave in. I lay beside him on the sofa as he wrapped his arms around me. "Niall can I ask you something?" "Yeah, sure, anything." He said. "Why didn't you tell me to stay before I tidied up?" I said raising my eyebrow. "Ermm I didn't want to stop you.. You are really good at tidying up." "Ha no.. I will get you back for it." After that I soon fell asleep.   It was the next morning and Niall wasn't beside me anymore. But I heard voices. Two voices. An Irish accent which was obviously Niall, but another which was a sort if English accent. But I couldn't tell who. "Niall, I need to speak to her I have made a huge mistake." I heard the voice plead. "I'm sorry Zayn, but you made her very upset. She was crying when she came here." "But mate listen I never meant to hurt her." "Zayn, she's asleep anyway." With that the door slammed and I heard the car drive out of the street. Did Zayn really think I would just forgive him like that, well if he did he was wrong.                    *A/N*   The competition ends on Wednesday 26th June at 9:00 London time. Thanks already got some good entries in. 
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