Summer Project

(Not famous) Only one more month until summer, but to ruin it Sophia and Madison have a final project and to make it ten times worse they are partnered up with two fifths of the populars, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. What's going to happen?


39. Chapter 31

Sophia's POV
"Flight 6 to New York will be leaving in 5 minutes." Madison and I looked at each other. We both knew deep inside we don't want to go. But it's what's best for us. The boys can just find some new girls to be with. Zayn can just go back out with Chaselynn. And I guess niall has girls chasing after him all the time. And I'm sure liam and Harry will be fine. I'm worried about Madison she hasn't spoken for a while. She has been in her own world thinking. I don't blame her if she changes her mind about going to New York. But it may be better for us. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. I turned and smiled. It was louis. He came with us. He's trying his best to make us not want to go back to the boys. We were closer with louis now. Even though he is friends with them, he's caring. "Flight 6 is now ready for departure." Maddie and I looked at eachother and smiled. I grabbed her hand and stood up. "Remember if you ever feel homesick just call me." Louis smiled. I walked over and gave him a hug goodbye. I try and make goodbye as short as possible or I end up crying and not wanting to leave. I released louis and backed away. My vision started to become blurry as tears started to form. "Saying goodbye is shit." Louis said. I nodded and grabbed hold of Maddies hand and gave in our tickets. We were getting closer and closer towards the door. 

Louis POV
"Sophia!!" I heard from behind me. "Stop her." I spun round to see niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry running towards me. "Louis where are they?" Liam said quickly. "Have they gone?" Zayn said. "They- they are gone." I said. They stood in disbelief. Harry fell into a chair. Liam had tears falling down his face. I gave Zayn a hug. But niall, he just walked over to the window and just watched the plane take off. All I hear niall whisper was "Goodbye."



*A/N* well that's it I guess. Thank you so much for reading it really means so much. Sorry the ending is really bad. I'm kinda bad with goodbyes. I don't know if I should do a squeal or not. Comment and tell me if u think I should. And I think I want to co-own it so if u want to, email me at thank you so much guys stay amazing

Niamh xxxx

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