Summer Project

(Not famous) Only one more month until summer, but to ruin it Sophia and Madison have a final project and to make it ten times worse they are partnered up with two fifths of the populars, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. What's going to happen?


37. Chapter 29

Niall's POV

  I froze on the spot. "I'm sorry, she's what?" I thought I might of just misheard her. "I'm sorry dear, she's moving to New York with her sister, and Madison is going with them as well." She said sadly. Zayn and I looked at each other with worried expressions. "Thank you Mrs O'Kane." Zayn said, then walked away. I quickly followed him. His eyes looking into space, a blank expression, as if he had seen a ghost.    "Zayn mate are you alright?" I said my voice was all over the place, about to cry again. I can't believe she's gone. "We will never see her again." He said. "I loved her.." He said under his breath so I couldn't hear, but I did. "Well we can't just give up." I said. He looked up to me confused. I took out my phone and scrolled down my contacts, and selected Harry. He picked up straight away. "Hey mate what's up?" Harry said. "No time just come and pick Zayn and I up from Sophia's." I told him. "Okay on my way." "And bring Liam." I said quickly. "No, we aren't really getting along at the moment." He said. "I don't give a shit just bring him too, now hurry!" I said then quickly hung up.   Harry's POV   Niall just called me to pick him up from Sophia's house, but to bring Liam too. But I hurt Liam, and he also likes Madison. I just don't know if Maddie likes him or me. I grabbed my keys and hopped into the car. Niall's voice sounded a bit sad down the phone, y'know when your voice sounds a bit croky. I wonder what's got him all upset. About two minutes later I made it to Liam's house. I slowly knocked on the door. And looked at me feet. Liam's mum soon answered the door. "Good afternoon Mrs Payne, is Liam here?" I said politely. "Yes, give me a moment to get him." She said, she walked over to the side of the stairs and shouted up to Liam. "Liam, Harry's here to see you!" "I don't want to see him!" I heard a faint voice from upstairs shout back down. "Come down here now!" His mum ordered. I soon heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He was wearing his sweats. And came to the door but pushed me outside a bit, so he could close the door behind him. "What do you want?" He snapped at me. "Okay, first I want to say sorry for hitting you the other night," I said slowly. "Okay, and?" He said. "Niall need both of us to go to Sophia's house to pick him and Zayn up. He sounded upset down the phone." I said. His eyes widened at the thought of Niall being upset, Niall was like a little brother to him. He quickly grabbed his jacket and slipped on some shoes and followed me to the car. Liam and I didn't really talk during the car ride, thankfully Sophia's house was only down the street. We made it there in about two minutes. We spotted Niall and Zayn, they ran towards the car, and quickly hopped in. "The airport NOW!" Zayn shouted. "Why?" I asked. "Sophia and Madison are moving to New York!"       *A/N: Just a few more chapters guys, what do you think will happen? The squeal will me called *cue drumroll*  Start Over Again! Can't wait for you guys to read it. Love you stay amazing! Niamh x*
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