Summer Project

(Not famous) Only one more month until summer, but to ruin it Sophia and Madison have a final project and to make it ten times worse they are partnered up with two fifths of the populars, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. What's going to happen?


36. Chapter 28

*A/N: I'm still stuck for the title for the squeal. I'm gonna make the book cover later on, of anyone has any ideas, just tell me some in the comments thanks*

  Niall's POV   I opened to find Zayn at my door. He was breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath. "Where is she?" Zayn was just about able to say, still trying to catch his breath. I could see his eyes were bloodshot from crying. "I don't know. We have to stop her from whatever she is doing." "What do you think it is she is doing? What did she mean by goodbye?" Zayn had caught his breath by this point, but you could here a croke in his voice, trying to hold back tears. "I don't know Zayn, but the only way is to go to her house and see." I said, I could also feel a croke in my voice, I tried to hold back tears. I was worried about her, I love her. Zayn spun round and ran. I followed after, and I like I was fucking Usain Bolt. As I was running I could feel tears trickle down my face, my hands were shaking like crazy, my heart was thumping like it was about to jump out of my chest. I have never been so worried in my life.   Zayn's POV   When Niall answered the door, he wasn't himself, he is usually cheery. I looked down to his hands and saw he got the same note that I did. His face was pale, he was in shock. After talking over everything we ran and when I mean ran, we sprinted. I mean what is she gonna do? What did she mean by goodbye? I don't even want to think about it. We kept running down the street and to the front of her house, we knocked the door. We stood trying to catch our breaths. I put my hand on Niall's shoulder. "It will be okay." He gave me a weak smile, his eyes were also puffy. Sophia's mum answered the door. "Hi Mrs O'Kane, can we talk to Sophia?" I said quickly. "I'm sorry boys, did she not tell you? She away to the airport." She said. "Why would she be there?" Niall said. "She's moving to New York."
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