Summer Project

(Not famous) Only one more month until summer, but to ruin it Sophia and Madison have a final project and to make it ten times worse they are partnered up with two fifths of the populars, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. What's going to happen?


30. Chapter 22

Sophia's POV

Zayn and I walked into Nandos and of course, Niall was here. He was sitting at the other side of the restaurant. Hopefully he won't see us if we are all the way over here. I started to act a bit more relaxed. Until I saw a tall, skinny girl with bleach blonde hair, Wearing a pair of denim shorts which a swear were half way up her arse and a white crop top.   Walk over towards Niall was sitting, he looked up to her with his blue eyes and fixed his blonde hair which he had jelled up. But the thing I couldn't understand was that she sat down beside him. Wait, are they here together? Did he move on that fast? Is he trying to make me jealous?! I quickly realised I was here with Zayn, so I quickly linked arms with him and picked a table to sit at. Every few minutes I would look over to Niall and that slut to make sure nothing was happening. I could hear her giggle from their table. Zayn noticed I was acting weird. "Sophia, are you okay?" He raised his eyebrow. "Never better." I giggled loud so Niall could here, but maybe a bit to loud people were starting to look. I looked back over to Niall and saw him looking at Zayn and I weirdly, he must of heard my insanely loud giggle. I quickly gripped Zayn's hand. I saw Niall'a face drop. "Erm, what are you doing?" Zayn cocked his eyebrow again. "Oh sorry." I released
his hand from my grasp. "No, no. I never said I didn't like it. " He said smiling, then reached for my hand again. I smiled looking down at our hands. 


"Come on Zayn, you are so slow." I said trying to make him hurry up. We were going into the forest that was behind my house. There was a gate at the fence which lead us to a cobble stone lane. I grabbed the corners of my dress and skipped along the lane. Zayn of course just wanted to get there as fast a possible, so he ran past me shouting "Sophia can never catch me!" I took his challenge and ran past him through all the trees and past the bushes until we made it to the swing. My dad had made a swing for Zayn and I to play on in the forest and that's where most of my memories are now, I haven't been to that swing in years. Not after dad died. We took turns swinging each other. "Higher Zayn! Higher!" I shouted on the swing. When it was time to go home we walked back down the lane, hand in hand, best of friends.


 I looked back into Zayn's eyes. He looked into mine, then down to my lips and back to my eyes again. We leaned closer to each other, lips almost touching until we were interrupted by Niall. "What the he do you think you are doing?!" He shouted from his table, he shot up out of his seat leaving the girl behind in shock. "Oh what would you care? You've moved on!" I shouted pointing at that girl. "What?! Moved on?! That's my cousin!" He shouted, the whole restaurant was watching. "Cousin? I thought you were just trying to make me jealous?" I said, I covered my mouth realising what I had just said. "To make you jealous? Would you actually think I- Wait, is that what's going on here?" He pointed at Zayn. Zayn looked at me in disbelief, I looked at the ground. "I knew it! I can't believe you! Sorry mate." Niall said resting his hand on Zayn's shoulder. Niall grabbed his cousin and stormed out leaving me with Zayn. "Zayn listen I-" "How could you?" He looked at me with tears in his eyes. "I really thought for a moment there you liked me." He said coldly. "No, no Zayn I-" "Don't ever talk to me again." He said them stormed out. What have I done?

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