Summer Project

(Not famous) Only one more month until summer, but to ruin it Sophia and Madison have a final project and to make it ten times worse they are partnered up with two fifths of the populars, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. What's going to happen?


29. Chapter 21

Sophia's POV

  I woke up still feeling that breeze through my window from where that bitch threw that rock. I had come home after we made sure Liam was okay. That was all the drama I needed for 1 day. My life could be a TV show. Now I would watch that. Anyway I made my way downstairs and greeted Chelsea in the kitchen. "Hey." I said grabbing an apple. "Hi." She replied. Well this is awkward. "Listen, I'm sorry about shouting at you about that whole Zayn thing. I didn't mean to I just..." I stopped talking and looked at the ground. "Listen, don't worry about it. I know you have a lot on you case lately and I just want you to remember I am here to help." She said lifting my chin and smiling. "Thanks Chelsea." I said smiling back. I gave her a hug then went in to watch TV. My phone vibrated and I took at quick glance at it, I decided to open it. It was from Zayn. It said 'I know you won't reply to this but you have to come over today to finish this project, I'm sure Harry told you but I needed to remind you. See you later x' Ughh I didn't bother replying but I knew I had to go, I lifted myself off the couch and went to go upstairs. I got a shower and threw on a black tank top and a pair of denim shorts, then tied my hair in a messy bun. I only put on a small amount of make up, just some mascara and eyeliner really. I made my way downstairs and walked towards the front door until I was stopped by a grip on my shoulder. I was spun round to face Chelsea, "Where are you going?" She raised an eyebrow. "To Zayn's to finish this stupid project." I rolled my eyes. "Want me to come?" She said with comforting eyes. "Thanks, but I think I'll live." I smiled.   I walked to Zayn's house and lightly rapped on his door. He answered the door not long after wearing a SnapBack saying 'obey' and a black t-shirt with jeans. "Right, lets just get this over with." I said pushing past him into the house. I know, I know. I'm being rude and mean around Zayn and Niall, I mean they did nothing wrong. It's just I don't want to fall for either of them anymore. How the hell am I supposed to choose between them? I guess I could just avoid them for the rest of my life? "Oh I finished the project." He said crossing his arms, leaning against the door frame. "What do you mean you finished it?" I said crossing my arms. "I finished it..." He said laughing a bit. "Then why the hell am I here?" I said. "Because I wanted to see you and if I told you that you would of never came." " I can't believe you!" I snapped before walking towards the front door. "What can't you believe? That I lied to you? Or that I lied to you just so I could see your face again?" He said spinning me around staring into my eyes. He started to lean closer to me. He looked down towards my lips, before anything could happen I turned my head so he ended up kissing my cheek. "So what? I'm here now, and what are we gonna do just sit here?" I said walking towards the couch. "Well it's nearly lunch time," he said point towards an old looking clock on the wall. "So I was thinking I could take you out for lunch." He said sitting down beside me on the couch. I rolled my eyes and gave in. "Fine, but only because I'm starving." I said. He smiled and jumped off the couch and grabbed his jacket. He opened the door for me, what a gentleman- 'no don't think good of him you'll fall for him!' I thought to myself. He lead me to the car and opened the door for me. I hopped in and waited until he got in and we blasted the music. "Where are we going to eat?" I said. "What?" Zayn replied. I repeated what I had said and he still didn't hear me. "Turn down the bloody music!" I shouted over the music. "Feisty one you are." He said laughing. "Where are we going to eat?" I said for the last time. "How bout Nandos?" He said, a big smile grew across my face. When I was younger my dad always took me to Nandos. We were soon there, I was like a little girl I was excited to go in. Zayn opened the car door for me, we walked towards the door which Zayn opened again. I walked in to see, of course with all my luck, Niall....       *A/N* I'm sorry I haven't updated in a few days, I've had no Internet. But I'm back now! Thanks for reading my movella. Just a few chapters left. I'm thinking of making a sequel, what does everyone else think? Please comment if I should write a sequel. And remember #MIAM or #MARRY. #SIALL or #ZOPHIA. Niamh x
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