Summer Project

(Not famous) Only one more month until summer, but to ruin it Sophia and Madison have a final project and to make it ten times worse they are partnered up with two fifths of the populars, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. What's going to happen?


27. Chapter 19

Sophia's POV

  After about a week I was let out of the hospital, as long as I didn't do many physical activities. I'm still pretty upset after Niall's visit. I'm completely stuck between both Zayn and Niall. I mean I have no idea if I can trust Zayn anymore to come when I need him, like what happened with my dad. But I don't think Niall trusts me anymore from when I found that letter and never told him. Well I guess I'm not spending my day with neither of them until I get my head straight about this. I decided to call Maddie. "Hey Maddie, wanna do something today?" I said cheerful down the phone. "Um yeah I don't want to." She said sniffing, she was crying. "Maddie, what happened?" I said worried. "Erm...come over to my house." She said. I hung up then ran back home to get the Toy Story trilogy and a huge bucket of ice cream and Niall's onsie. I didn't like having it because it reminded me of him but it was the only thing I had. I went ran down the street to find myself in front of house number 22. Madison's house. I was just about to knock on the door until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun round to see Chaselynn. Oh no, not again.   "Why hello Sophia, funny seeing you here." She said with that stupid tone in her voice. "Well considering I live a few houses down and this is my best friends house." I snapped. "Anyway, Madison is very upset, Harry cheated on her." She said with a sweet tone. "Wait? What?! How would you know before me?" I said annoyed that she knew before me. "Oh yeah, he cheated on her with me." She said before quickly walking off smiling. I ran into Madison's house shouting her name trying to find her, I finally found her wrapped up in her blankets in bed. She was in her PJs with tissues all over the bed. I could hear whimpers from underneath the covers. "Maddie?" I said peaking my head round the door. "Soph? Is that you?" She said peaking her head above the covers. Her mascara had left a trail of her tears. "Yeah, and I heard what happened." I said sitting down beside her. She looked up to me. "How do you know? Did Harry tell you?" She said removing the remainder tears from her cheeks. "No, erm Chaselynn told me." I said looking down to my hands. "What?! That bitch!" She said sitting up. "Yeah, well lets forget them bitches and eat some ice cream." I said pulling out the ice cream from behind my back, along with the Toy Stories! We went downstairs and also popped some popcorn and started watching the movies.    During Toy Story 2, I was Madison was still really upset. I guess she just feels unloved or ugly, because y'know what girls are like they thing low of themselves even when they are beautiful. Maddie doesn't need that son of a bitch man whore. She is amazing and can get any guy. And I know what guy. I got my phone out and started to text. 'Hi, Madison is a bit upset, she has just gone though a nasty brake up and is needing some comforting. I was hoping you could come over. She lives in WoodsPark avenue 22. Thanks. Soph x Ps we are watching Toy Story ;)' we waited about 15 minutes until we heard the door bell ring. Madison looked at me with a puzzled face. She dragged herself off the couch. And slowly walked over the the door. She opened to find a guy wearing jeans and a t-shirt saying 'To infinity and beyond'. He also had a bag full of food and in the other hand another load of DvDs. Madison's face lit up when she saw Liam standing at the door.   *A/N* Guys I just want to say, in the story Harry has turned out to be a bit of a man whore, and I want to say I think Harry in real life is a gentleman. And that I would never think of him as a man whore. It's just how the story needed up. I love Harry to bits, and I just wanted to make that clear. Thanks to everyone for waiting for this chapter, I was having a bad case of writers block. I hope everyone likes this chapter. Comment on what you think. #MIAM or #MARRY! #SIALL or #ZIOPHIA! Love you thanks! Niamh x
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