Summer Project

(Not famous) Only one more month until summer, but to ruin it Sophia and Madison have a final project and to make it ten times worse they are partnered up with two fifths of the populars, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. What's going to happen?


21. Chapter 15

Sophia's POV

  I woke up feeling a breeze through the window, I was about to get up to close the window until I saw glass shattered along the carpet. I remembered that There was actually no window any more, I rolled over to the other side of the bed where there was so glass to find Chelsea sleeping on the floor. Next to her was the rock that was thrown through the window, I reread it and tired my best to keep the tears in. Of course I knew it was Chaselynn who sent the note, but why is she out to get me? I haven't spoken to Zayn besides that call since I was talking to her. Anyway I didn't really want to talk to Chelsea, she still hasn't told me where she was, I thought we were close enough to tell each other anything. Well I guess I was wrong. So I crept out of the room to get ready for school trying my best to avoid any glass. I had a quick shower and came back into my room to choose what to wear, but Chelsea wasn't there anymore. Well I decided to wear my batman T-shirt and my jeans. Nothing special. And I quickly put on some make up. Not a lot but just right. I came downstairs to find Maddie in the kitchen waiting for me. "Well you took your time." She said sarcastically.  "Well it takes time to look this good." I joked. "Well lets go." She said handing me a banana. We were walking to the door until I was stopped by Chelsea. "If you need any help just call me." She whispered. I just walked past her, I know she is just trying to help but I'm still annoyed with her.   "Chelsea told me what happened, are you okay?" Maddie asked concerned. "Yeah, don't worry I'll be fine." I lied. While a fake smile crept across my face.  "Well I don't really care about her to be honest, she says that she'll hurt me but she doesn't have the nerve to! Also I have to work on that project she can't stop me from doing that now can she?" I said over thinking everything. "Yeah your right so you have nothing to worry about." Maddie assured me. We soon got to school and both Maddie and I had to go to lockers where we met Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and Eleanor. "Hey babe!" Harry said smiling then pulling Maddie in for a kiss. I noticed Liam behind Harry his face sort of drop. Wait. Does he like Maddie? I'll talk to him later. "Hey Soph!" Niall said smiling showing his crooked tooth, it was really cute. "Hey Niallers!" I said hugging him. "Niallers, that's the best you could do?" He said raising his eyebrow. "Fine, how bout blonde?" I said messing up his hair. "Well, when I think about it, Niallers sounds good." He said. "Hey Zayn, oh erm why did you call last night?" I said. "Oh I was just wondering if you wanted to, erm work on the project tonight?" He said. "Oh yeah, that would would be good."    The bell went and we soon scattered to class, we all had Mr Murphy for science first thing. Ughh. We all had to sit beside our partners for the project. So Maddie sat beside Harry being all lovey, Louis sat next to Eleanor, Liam sat next to Jen, Niall sat next to Christy and I sat next to Zayn. We all got out our projects and got started, so Zayn and I were working away just ignoring everyone else and actually making an effort until Mr Murphy called us up to his desk. "Sophia, Zayn you are both wanted at the principles office." Zayn and I looked at each other with puzzled faces. We did as what Mr Murphy said made our way out of the class room. The boys and Madison looked at us with looking confused but we just shrugged. We made our way down the hall until we got to a door that said 'Mr Anderson's Office'. I knocked on the door then entered with Zayn behind me. "Sophia, Zayn take a seat." We sat down eyeing each other still not knowing what we did wrong. "Um sorry sir, but could you please tell us why we are here, because neither of us know." Zayn said. "I think you know." Mr Anderson said. Zayn and I just looked at each other. "Would you like to explain this to me." He said setting two bottles of spray cans in front of us. We were obviously still confused. "This weekend someone spray painted the side of the canteen. And these were spotted in both your lockers." He said. Both Zayn and I sat in shock, we didn't do this. (Oh and our lockers are netted so anyone could see through them) But we didn't do this. "There is no point trying to defend yourself, because we have to proof." He said. "Detention for both of you and you will spend it by scrubbing the side of the canteen." We both sighed and left. As we walked back to the classroom we walked past the lockers where someone was standing. It was Chaselynn. "Have a nice detention." She smirked then walked away.
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