Summer Project

(Not famous) Only one more month until summer, but to ruin it Sophia and Madison have a final project and to make it ten times worse they are partnered up with two fifths of the populars, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. What's going to happen?


17. Chapter 12

Chelsea's POV

   Wait a minute, so Zayn just admitted he likes Sophia to my boyfriend. Should I talk to Sophia? I guess I should, but she likes Niall a bit, and Niall likes her too. I started to back away from Zayn so he wouldn't notice I heard what he was saying. Until of course being the stupid person I am I backed into a huge stack of DvDs causing them to fall over and make a big noise. Zayn's head flicked to where I had fallen over and came to help me. "Hey, are you okay?" He said did he know who I am? "Erm yeah I'm fine, I have to go." I said trying to get up. I felt a grip on my arm that pulled me back towards Zayn. "Do I know you from somewhere?" He said with a puzzled face. "Erm no... Bye." I said trying to get away. "Wait? Chelsea?  Chelsea O'Kane? Is that you?" "Um yeah." I said. "Why were you trying to avoid me just there?" He said raising his eyebrow. There was a short  silence while I tried to think of an excuse. Zayn pulled me into the corner and whispered "Did you hear me on the phone?..." "Yeah, but I wo-"  "Please, please don't tell Sophia!" "Zayn, don't worry. I won't tell her." I said to him. "Okay, okay go-" I cut him short. "But you must tell her." I said. "But I can't, she likes Niall." "Listen, even if she does like Niall, you have to let her know how you feel! And you have to tell her yourself." I said. I left Zayn to go and find Sophia to find a movie.   Sophia's POV   I don't know where Chelsea has been for a while. Probably looking for some movie to watch. I was flicking through all the Disney movies. All Disney movies were so cute. There was Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, The Lion King, Up, Toy Story, WALL-E, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and The Incredibles. These are all the movies of my childhood. After standing debating what movie to choose, Chelsea walked over to me. "Hey, where have you been?" I said to her. "Oh well umm.. I was just choosing a movie to watch." She said stumbling on her words. I could tell when she was lying. I'm just going to ignore it. "Then where is the DvD?" I said. "Oh erm I couldn't choose one." "Well help me choose a Disney movie." I said excited. "Oh! Oh! Oh! I want Toy Story!" She said as if she was 6. "But which one?!" I shouted. "Why one when we can have them all!" She said excited. We grabbed the DvDs and went up to the till and also bought lots of sweets and popcorn.   We soon got home and got into our pjs I still had Niall's onsie. So I was wearing that. "Erm Soph, what are you wearing?" "A onsie. Duh! How do I look in it?" I said posing. "Haha wonderful. Now I just want to watch the movies!!" She said jumping on the sofa. We sat down with food surrounding us. The movies went on for hours and Chelsea had fallen asleep during Toy Story 3. So I decided to wake her up. And not just shaking her and screaming until she wakes up. The old way, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bucket. I went to the sink and filled it with freezing cold water. So I think you know where I'm going with this. I tip toed into the living room where I left Chelsea sleeping. I held the bucked over her head and flipped it over meaning the water poured out over Chelsea. "Shit!" She screamed waking up. I started rolling on the floor laughing. "What the hell what that for?!" She shouted. "I wanted to wake you up." I said shrugging. "And 'hey Chelsea wake up' wouldn't have been enough." She said while shaking me. "Umm nope." I said. "I miss when we do stuff like this with you." I said. "I miss you too." She said hugging me. "Chelsea can I ask you something?" I said. "Yeah sure anything." She said smiling. "Where were you when we went to rent the DvDs? And I can tell when you lie don't even try."....
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