Summer Project

(Not famous) Only one more month until summer, but to ruin it Sophia and Madison have a final project and to make it ten times worse they are partnered up with two fifths of the populars, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. What's going to happen?


15. Chapter 11

What the hell? Who does she think she is talking to me like that? I have known Zayn so much longer than her! I don't care if she is Zayn's girlfriend or not I lov- wait what am I saying?!   I don't- well I mean I.. I don't know anymore. Well he is my partner for the Summer Project, so she can't stop me seeing him for homework. Anyway I don't really care about Chaselynn right now, my sister Chelsea who is 21 is coming over tonight, I can't wait ever since she started university I haven't seen her at all. She moved in with her boyfriend Jacob as well. Chelsea and Jacob have known each other since they were young, just like Zayn and I. We would all play together we were all like best friends.

  *FLASHBACK*   "Okay Jacob, Zayn in one team. And Sophia and I in the other."  Chelsea said. We were having a water fight. Chelsea and I decided to hide behind the fence, Jacob and Zayn hid behind the bush. Of course we didn't know that at the time. We had a huge bucket filled with water balloons and armed with water guns. "Ready set go!" Chelsea and I both screamed. We ran out from behind the fence but no one was there. We looked round confused. We had no idea where they were until all of a sudden. "TAKE THIS!!!" Zayn and Jacob jumped out of no where. Squirting water from their water guns and water balloons being thrown at us. We started screaming but didn't give in we  did the same it had to be the best day ever!     *END OF FLASHBACK*   Suddenly, I felt a vibration from my pocket. I quickly took it from my pocket to see my sister calling me. "Hey Soph!" "Oh my god Chelsea! I've missed you so much!" "I've missed you too sis, where do you want to meet up?" "Well remember that movie renting place?" I said. "Yeah. Want to meet there?" She replied. "Yeah we could watch movies tonight!" "Yeah it's going to be really fun!" "Meet you there bye!" With that I hung up. I walked to find Chelsea waiting outside the shop. "Chelsea!!!" I screamed. "Sophia!!!" We ran to eachother into a hug. Chelsea was really pretty she had brown curly hair and brown eyes, she was also a model, she was wearing a black tank top on and denim shorts on. "I've missed you so much!" "I missed you too!" "Now come on little one lets pick a movie." She said running into the shop.      Chelsea's POV.   If missed being with my wee sis. She means alot to me so I just need to catch up with her. "So what have I missed?" "Well mum is good and scho-" I stopped Sophia in the middle of her sentence. "No I mean guys!" I winked to her. "Oh erm well..." She looked at the ground. "Oh come on I'm your sister now spill." "Well there is this guy called Niall." Aww my wee sister has a boyfriend. "Awww you have a wee boyfriend what's he like?"  She blushed and looked at the ground again. "Well he's not my boyfriend but he's adorable, he's hot too, he's blonde, oh and Irish! But.." "But what?" I said. "But... Erm you remember Zayn?" Aww how could I forget. "Yeah why?" "Well I have no idea but I think I like him, but he has hurt me before and it doesn't matter anyway he has a stupid bitchy girlfriend." "Oh come on you don't need him! Now split up and choose a movie." We went our separate ways to try and find a movie. I was going along the rows of movies until I saw a familiar face. Wow, wait! It was Zayn! I hid behind the stack of DvDs, he was on the phone, yeah I was being nosy but I don't care. "I know, I know I wasn't there for her." He said down the phone. Of course I couldn't hear the other voice down the phone which annoyed me. "But I want to make it up to her, but I'm going out with ChaseLynn." He said. "So your saying if I really love her, I should dump Chaselynn and tell her how I feel?" He said. I'm happy he's gonna drop that bitch, but who is he talking about. "Okay I'll have to tell Sophia how I feel, thanks Jacob!" He said before hanging up. Wow, hold up. Did he just say he loved Sophia. Wait, did he say Jacob as in my boyfriend Jacob?...
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