The power of love

This is a very sinister and dramatic poem about how the extent of someones love can go too far.


1. The power of love


Cold blade in hand, glinting steel,

The cogs in his mind, an ever turning wheel,

Wanting to slash and slaughter, inflict pain,

Not much to lose and not much to gain.


He snarls, teeth grinding with glee,

The way that he cuts her, so loosely, so free,

He is stabbing and slaying like it’s his art,

So much anger and yet so much craft.


Her sobs mean nothing, a pathetic noise,

One which he stifles with his new found toys,

The blades so empowering in his hand,

 Yet her body is so lifeless and bland.


Crescent red flows from her throat,

His blades and hands, drenched and soaked,

He lays out her body, saying one last time,

‘I love you, you will always be mine.’

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