This poem is close to my heart because it is about a girl who is very special to me and who I love very much.


1. Jessica

Your deep brown eyes indulge me deeply,

Your hair attracts me, messy or neatly

The way you giggle, the way you stare

The way your passion often will flare,

All of these things make my heartbeat flutter

My feelings jumbled with excitement, all of a clutter

I’m not quite sure why I feel this way

But wow your beauty leaves me all of a daze


To many you’re a midget but to me you’re cute

Your petit and feisty and those two suit

You might be a dork to some I’m sure

But your intelligence and quirkiness I adore

Who cares if you’re weird or a little bit expressive

It’s better than being glum and depressive

You make me feel on top of the world

Who knows how things will unfurl


Your smile never fails to brighten my day

Your small little dimples so vibrant and gay

You’re sweet, calm hands held in mine

Never an offer I would decline

The way you listen with so much intent

Your soul breathes exquisiteness to an unreachable extent

You’re so smart, sexy, cool and sassy

And the way you handle things is way too classy


One day I hope things could reach a new high

But if not I know I will not sigh

Because I’m happy you want me in your life

You’re my bright light aiding me through trouble and strife

I will always care so much for you

So many things for you that I would do

Whatever happens, I will always be

That number one friend, you and me

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