Darkest Desires

Casey is no ordinary girl she sees things terrible things! There is a demon taunting her, in her dreams and somehow in her reality.
Her life starts to take a wrong turn when she sees who he really is, he is there to take her life but she doesn't know that yet, will he let her go or will he end her life once and for all?
Keep reading to find out...


7. What did I do wrong?

Waking up this morning was not by choice! I would of stayed in bed all day if I could, After hearing the news last night I felt worthless. I didn't know who I was nobody knew me; the only person who clearly did know me was my father too bad he's not around anymore! He hasn't been around since I was eight years old. How could he have left me knowing what I truly was!


Last night my mother told me that I was half Demon and half Human, she never understood why I was so different until my father told her what I was, he tried to explain things to her but she fought with him and told him to leave, she told him that I would be brought up as a normal little girl and that I would know nothing of what I really was! Unfortunately she knew the day would come when she would have to tell me the truth, it came sooner than she had expected.


I didn't believe her at first but then she started to explain things to me, she explained that the reason why I kept having these strange dreams was because I could enter the underworld in my sleep, my mind thought I was dreaming but to my body I was truly there, that's why what ever happened to me in my ''Dreams'' came true in my reality. I told my mother about the Demon in my dreams that kept to the shadows, but she wasn't sure who he was she thought maybe it was my guardian protector just like she was too me.


I can't even call the Demon evil anymore because I was part of its kind was I evil? , Was my father a Demon? , these are the questions my mother couldn't answer for me, she said if I wanted to know more I had to enter the underworld and go to the Demons court, they would have to asses me and then with their approval they would hand me my life file explaining everything I wanted to know.


I sat up in bed and clasped my head with my hands thinking about all of this made my head hurt, my mind was still in shock and was over flowing with too much information I needed to get away! I needed to clear my mind and the only place I could think to go was school. Douglas would be there and he would make me feel better he always did, I've missed him he is the only person I trust at the moment he's never lied to me!


So getting up I got dressed, throwing on some black leggings with studs down the sides, a long white top and last but not least my pink converses, I wanted to make a statement today!


The walk to school seemed to take hours! I guess it's just because I was so anxious to see Douglas, when I finally walked into the building I spotted Douglas speaking to Rachel, there was a sudden queasy feeling deep down in my stomach. Ignoring the feeling I walked towards them.


''Hi'', I said with the biggest smile.


''Hi Casey nice to see you feeling better'', said Rachel in astonishment.


Douglas never said anything he didn't even make eye contact, instead he gave Rachel a weird glare and stormed off!


''Casey don't mind him he's in a grumpy mood today, he'll come around honey'', She said with a devilish smile.


I had nothing to say to her so instead I gave her the best smile I could and left my heart was breaking he has forgotten me! Tears threatened so I quickly ran into the nearest class room I could find, shutting the door I slid down on the floor and began to cry,  the tears streamed down my face and my sobs became louder I couldn't put on a fake smile for the rest of the day! I was hurt I thought he liked me? , maybe it was all just an act! '' How could he? '' , I screamed aloud in frustration!


I sat there for  while rocking back and forth before I decided to get up and go, wiping my face I stood and left the class room, I started to walked towards the front door when I heard him calling me.


''Casey please stop!'', He shouted.


I continued to walk nothing he had to say was going to take away the betrayal I felt; it was my turn to be stubborn.


''Casey please stop I need to talk to you!'', He cried out to me.


I continued to walk until I felt him grab my arm and spin me around, his eyes were blood shot red from crying? , He was the one ignoring me but somehow he found a reason to cry I was hurt not him! 


''Casey look at me dam it I need to talk to you.'', He pleaded grabbing my other wrist.


''So talk Douglas.'', I said coldly.


''Casey come on don't be like that, I can 't talk to you here, can we go somewhere more private?.'' He asked softly.


''No don't tell me how I should and shouldn't be towards you! , you tricked me and now I'm hurt because of you!'', I shouted at him pushing him away from me.


''I never tricked you Casey I Love you why can't you see that.'', He said with a painful look in his eyes once again grabbing my wrist.


''How can you say that after ignoring me, I did nothing wrong after your letter you wrote to me is this how you treat me? , if it is then I don't want you to ever speak to me again!'', I shouted in frustration.


''I didn't do it on purpose I can't talk to you here it's not safe please Casey come with me.'', He begged me.


''Safe?, you think I care about being safe right now? I have been in a coma for three days, not knowing what had caused it, so don't you come here and try say sorry! All I needed was someone to talk to and it turns out you weren't there when I needed you! So I'm not going anywhere with you.'', I said sarcastically jerking my wrists out of his hand.


''Casey please listen to me.'', He pleaded, tears were now falling down his gentle face.


''No you listen here I don't believe anything your saying to me right now, it could just be another one of your acts leave me alone Douglas!'', I screamed at him, my words made him wince good he deserved it, I will not feel sorry for him!


''Fine! , if that's what you want, just know that I do love you and one day I will make this all up to you I PROMISE YOU THAT CASEY ROSE.'', He said with a saddened tone.


''Whatever!'', Is all I managed to say before the tears started to stream down my face again.


He took his finger and whipped away my tears, ''Don't Douglas!'', I said pushing his hand away, I couldn't look into his Blue eyes anymore it was too painful, I couldn't look at his mouth that once kissed mine everything just felt so wrong about him. I gave him one last look and walked away I needed to get home I needed to be alone!




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