Darkest Desires

Casey is no ordinary girl she sees things terrible things! There is a demon taunting her, in her dreams and somehow in her reality.
Her life starts to take a wrong turn when she sees who he really is, he is there to take her life but she doesn't know that yet, will he let her go or will he end her life once and for all?
Keep reading to find out...


1. The Darkness follows me

I open my eyes it's dark, I can't see anything around me the air is cold. I wrap my arms around my waist in an attempt to try and warm myself up, there's no use it doesn't work.I inhale deeply trying to pick up a familiar scent, but all I can smell is damp mold. Standing up I venture forward, hoping that I will find a light switch or an exit door. As I walk I can feel the tiny stones underneath my feet, they feel moist maybe I am in a cave?I continue to walk forward, I don't know where I am or were I am going?To make matters worse I am completely blind, I feel fragile and afraid, I don't like dark places and for a good reason. I have always been afraid of the dark ever since I could remember, I see things terrible things!I shut my eyes remembering my fear of the darkness, stretching my arms out in front of me I try to  guide myself. It's more narrow now, I can feel my shoulders rubbing against what seems to be a rough textured wall, I must be walking down a passage, it's narrow and I can feel it getting smaller, I start to feel claustrophobic my panic sets in. I pause to catch my breath and open my eyes, there is a beam of light ahead of me, it is very dim but I decide to push on.Sighing I continue to walk towards the light, turning in every direction possible as the passage continues to get smaller. I come to a sudden stop when I reach a gap I can't fit through, ''Dam it, not now I'm so close'', I murmur to myself.

Taking a deep breath I turn sideways, I start to push my body through the gap, when I feel a sharp pain shoot through my shoulders, I bite down on my bottom lip to try and hold my screams of agony in. When I finally get through to the other side I let out a sigh of relief, ''That was close''. I whispered to myself.

When I looked up I immediately forget about the pain in my shoulders, the light has gotten brighter and the gap through which it shines has gotten bigger, I fell excited I'm getting out of here, "nothing is going to stop me"! My words couldn't have come out of my mouth fast enough, when I saw it!

The same thing I had seen the night before, It's presence felt evil and it lingered in the dark, never reveling itself to me. When ever I saw it a feeling of fear and terror Consumed my body, it has never attacked or harmed me, it only seems to lurk in the corner's keeping a close eye on me.

Without thinking I lunged forward and begin to run towards the light, I was getting out of here right now! I continued to run picking up the pace, the light grew closer and I could see trees through the gap. I was almost there when I felt a jolt of pain shoot through my left arm, screaming out in pain I dropped down to the ground cupping my arm, I looked down at it, terror ran through my body consuming all of the pain I felt.

There was a black shadow making it's way from my fingers to my wrist, taking a closer look the shadow turned into a small black snake, I panicked and tried to shake it off, when that failed I tried to grab it which was useless. As soon as my fingers got close enough the snake disappeared, then reappeared when I pulled my hand away. I am trapped and there is no way out of this situation.

I was frightened and my entire body grew cold, I began to shiver, looking around frantically I prayed that someone would come and rescue me. There was no hope noone was coming, I was going to die, ''This can't be real, wake up'', I whispered through shaky teeth.

My left arm started to burn, I was to afraid to look down, I had to I couldn't just sit here. I shifted my gaze to take a look and instantly I wished I hadn't, I should of just kept my curiosity to myself. The snake had made it's way further up my arm just past my wrist, It had began to make a small hole in my skin, it was now seeping itself in through the hole.

I wanted to grab it or just stop it from slithering any further, but the sight of it moving underneath my skin made my stomach turn. Where ever this snake came from it was evil, and now I was going to be it's prisoner, I started to gasp for air frantically clawing at my arm.

Evil controlled the snake and now it was going to control me, once it has completely borrowed itself inside of me. I could feel my self getting dizzy, my panic and fear had finally taken over, I was starting to loose conciseness. The last thing I remember seeing  was the exit door growing smaller, as my vision started to fade away, then everything went black.



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