Darkest Desires

Casey is no ordinary girl she sees things terrible things! There is a demon taunting her, in her dreams and somehow in her reality.
Her life starts to take a wrong turn when she sees who he really is, he is there to take her life but she doesn't know that yet, will he let her go or will he end her life once and for all?
Keep reading to find out...


9. New face's

A week had paced and I hadn't been to school, I couldn't go yes it had been a week but I still couldn't face Douglas he had betrayed me and hurt my feelings, I wanted nothing to do with him I hated him! I know hate is a strong word but that's all I could feel towards him at this point in time.


''Honey you have to go to school today.'', Mom said while she threw some clothes on my bed.


''Mom please just one more day please, please'', I begged.


''No that's what you said a week ago and look you are still home!'' she said very sternly.


''Fine but if I want to come home early can I?'', I asked.


''Yes Casey but only if you have too.''



I told my mom what had happened there were no more secrets between us since everything was out in the open. I got dressed in the clothes my mom had thrown on my bed some Blue jeans, black Boots and a black spaghetti top with the words get lost written on it, I smiled as I looked down at them she knew exactly what mood I was in.


My hair was no problem this morning it was straight so I left it down, finally I applied some red lip-gloss on my lips and headed out my door.


''See you later mom'', I said giving her a quick wave.


When I stepped outside I was surprised to see that the school bus was still here so I go on it and sat at the back against a window. We drove on for about two more houses when the bus stopped and somebody got on, I tried to squint out the window because nobody I knew lived here.


I must have been squinting out of the window for quite while, when I turned around to face forward I could see a boy sitting next to me.


''Looking for someone?'', he said amused.


''No'', I said bluntly.


The last thing I wanted was to talk to another boy, I turned towards him and studied him taken back by his looks I breathed in deeply, he had Brown Blond hair styled upwards, bright green big eyes with long eyelashes, a well proportioned nose it suited his face and irresistible lips they seemed to perfect, he seemed to perfect!


''Having a good look I see.'', He smirked at me.


''No I study everyone I meet so I can put a face to their name.'', I said dryly trying not to sound like he interested me.


''I didn't give you my name, so how come your studying me?'', He chuckled softly.


Not knowing what to say to this clearly hot headed guy I turned towards the window and felt a tear escape from my eye, quickly wiping it I continued to stare out the window, ''What a jerk'', I whispered to myself. I can't believe him I'm still feeling down and now he has to come and be all high and mighty!


''Are you going to answer my question?'', he asked.


I turned back around to face him, ''What would you like me to say?'', I said coldy.


''Well first off you can tell me your name?'', He growled.


''What for clearly you have better things to memorize!''


''Fine since you won't tell me you're name I'll call you weirdo.'', He smiled sarcastically.


I rolled my eyes at him, ''Call me what you want !'', I said aggravated.


''I just did sweetie.''


''Don't call me sweetie!'', I moaned.


''Oh yea sorry weirdo!'', He chuckled.


''Why are you still stilling here if I'm so weird?'', I raised my eyebrow.


''Look around the bus is full.''


I looked around to see it was full but there was an open seat two rows in front of me, ''Go sit there.'', I pointed towards the empty seat.


He looked at me for a moment then laughed, ''I think you should go sit there!'', He ordered.


I have had enough of this guy; I picked up my bag and stood.


''No you don't weirdo.'', he grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me back down.


''Don't touch me!'', I yelled.


''I said stay put, besides were nearly at school.''


''Whatever!'', I rolled my eyes.


A few moments past and I felt the bus come to a stop, here we are at school ''YAY'', I can't wait for the day to be over with already, I grabbed my bag once again and stood while I waited for the other students to leave the bus.


''Weirdoes first.'', He said motioning for me to go.


I just wanted to get off this bus and away from him so I went, I could feel his eyes on me as I climbed off the bus, ''What is his deal!'', I moaned.


I kept my head down and walked towards the front doors, I tried very hard not to bring any attention to myself when all of a sudden I walked into someone. ''Sorry.'', I mumbled.


''What speak up weirdo I can't hear you!'', He yelled.


I knew that voice and attitude so I looked up at him and said, ''Oh It's you, in that case I'm not sorry.''


Quickly walking away I made my way to my locker this day need's to end as in now! The bell rang as I stepped into my first class English, I took my seat and started taking my books out of my bag and placing them on my table, I heard a thumb and looked up to see Mr know it all sitting in front of me. ''Really!'', I groaned.


''Yes really is there a problem?'', he asked.


''As a matter of fact there is, how am I suppose to see the board with such a big headed ego in my way?'', I said coldly.


''You're funny weirdo, but not that funny!'', he chuckled and pushed my books off my desk.


Frustrated I got out of my seat and crouched on the floor to pick all my books up, ''Here let me help you.''


I looked up to see Douglas next to me, ''No!'', I said harshly.


''Casey please let me help you, I'm sorry.''


''Douglas get away from me, I asked you to leave me alone!'', I said.


''Fine!'', He shouted.


I gathered all my books and placed them back on my desk, once again taking my seat I breathed steadily so that I could keep my emotions under control.


''Ah is the weirdo going to cry because her little boyfriend shouted at her?'' , He whined.


''Shut up! , he's not my boyfriend just leave me alone.''


Not another word was said, the class ended and I went to lunch I was not going to sit in the cafeteria instead I would go to the back fields. Lunch passed by and so did the rest of the day, After school I got on the bus and took my usual seat at the back next to the window, I was surprised to see that Mr know it all wasn't there first, ''Finally some alone time.'', I whispered.


The ride was short and when I arrived at my house I was never so relieved that this day had ended or had it?












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