Darkest Desires

Casey is no ordinary girl she sees things terrible things! There is a demon taunting her, in her dreams and somehow in her reality.
Her life starts to take a wrong turn when she sees who he really is, he is there to take her life but she doesn't know that yet, will he let her go or will he end her life once and for all?
Keep reading to find out...


4. Is this a dream or is it reality

I woke up with a jolt, I was sweating and shivering from the cold my room felt like a freezer! I inhaled then exhaled allowing the steam to cause a cloud of mist in front of me. Sitting up in my bed I glanced around nothing looked unusual or out of place so I got up and walked to my bathroom, even though I was cold and shivering I had to rinse my face to get rid of the sweat. Turning the tap on I cupped my hands together and filled them with water, splashing the water over my face I felt awake and a little bit more refreshed.


I looked up into the mirror and saw a line of blood across my neck; I quickly reached for some toilet paper and wet it. I wiped the blood up but didn't see a cut, confused I inspected the rest of my body but saw nothing unusual other than the black symbol on my wrist.


I walked back to my bed and sat down still confused about the blood, laying back down I felt a warm sensation on my back, jumping up quickly I turned around to see what was going on, confusion shot through my mind, ''That wasn't there just now, was it?'', I mumbled, looking down I saw a black spot  where I had lay down.


Breathing heavily I ran to my light switch flipping it on to reveal a horrific sight! My bed sheet was covered in blood dark red blood, there were blood smeared hand prints on my walls, looking down I saw a trail of blood leading out of my room, ''what is going on I'm I still sleeping?''


I felt light headed and in shock my body began to tremble as I tried to figure out what exactly had happened, steadying myself I grabbed onto my door handle after a few moments, I left my room because my first instinct was to run to my mom and see if she was okay.


When I reached her door I could see her side lamp was on so I continued to walk into her room, there she was lying in her bed fast asleep she looked unharmed. I walked over to her bedside and was about to turn off the side lamp when I saw a puddle of blood on the floor!


''MOM WAKE UP!'', I screamed.


She didn't move I reached over and shook her by the shoulders, still no movement, pulling the blanket off of her I saw more blood on her sheets I inspected her body and found the source, her throat she wasn't breathing and her skin was as cold as ice, someone had slit her throat open she had bled to death, her hands were covered in blood and so why her night gown!


Panic consumed me she couldn't be dead! , ''Mom , mom wake up please!'' ,I continue to shake her as hard as I could but still she just lay there, I fell to the floor and burst out into loud sobs my mom was dead!


I cried and cried the tears were just coming I couldn't stop them; I didn't want to stop them! Someone had come into my home and had killed my mom while I was fast asleep how could this have happened? I had no strength to stand so I started to crawl along the floor towards the bedroom door, I needed to get out of here whoever did this would definitely be coming back to finish me off.


I reached my  bedroom and crawled inside gaining some strength I managed to pull myself together and stand up, my knees still felt weak but I had to try and be strong I needed to get to my cell phone on my side table to call the police, as I neared my night stand I reached for my phone but was thrown  back by an invisible force , startled and confused by what had just happened I got up and ran for my phone again this time I was tripped and kicked in the stomach, while I lay there on the floor gasping for air the pain started to consume my body! I received blow after blow struggleing to look around, my vision was getting blurry I could see nothing.


After a few minutes the kicking stopped and I managed to crawl underneath my bed for safety, I could hear footsteps moving towards me so I clasped my hand over my mouth to silence my sounds, I was frightened they have come back to kill me!


Just when I thought I was safe I was pulled out from under my bed, and dragged across my bedroom floor into my bathroom, I tried with all my strength to fight whatever was pulling me by digging my nails into the wooden floor but it was useless I was too weak, a hand grabbed me by my hair and yanked my head up, I was then pulled up and was forced to look into the mirror I squinted but my vision was to blurry I could see anything.


I felt a big push and my face hit the mirror, glass shattered and pierced my face as I cried out in agony and tried to turn away, but before I could I was pushed again and more glass dug itself deep into my skin!


Feeling sick and frightened my knees gave in and I fell to the floor tears  streaming down my face.


''Shut up you stupid bitch, this is all your fault.'', yelled an unfamiliar voice.


I could hear it was a women's voice, she sounded angry but why was she be doing this? I continued to cry while trying to remove small pieces of glass, each piece I removed was painful!


''Why are you doing this?'', I asked through shaky teeth.


''I said shut it or I will make you shut up! , This is only a warning stay away from him or I will come back here and finish the job, do you understand me?'', she hissed.


Her voice was booming she was furious and she sounded very serious, I started to cry louder battling to breath in between my cries; I could feel drops of blood flowing down my face and splattering on the ground around me.


''SHUT UP!'', she screamed in an inhuman voice.



Her voice was enough to make me wish she had killed me earlier on!


There was a gush of wind around me, then I received a blow to my head, the pain was unbearable, I lay down and after a few moments my eyes closed and I passed out!



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