Darkest Desires

Casey is no ordinary girl she sees things terrible things! There is a demon taunting her, in her dreams and somehow in her reality.
Her life starts to take a wrong turn when she sees who he really is, he is there to take her life but she doesn't know that yet, will he let her go or will he end her life once and for all?
Keep reading to find out...


3. Douglas's P.O.V

Monday morning:


''Monday's, oh how I love them'', I thought to myself.


Standing in the school building, I could see that the Corridor was utter chaos, I was already running late for my first class guess a lot of people were, because there were students rushing around pushing and shoving each other into wall's, locker's, door's etc..


I found it very difficult to maneuver through the crowd while they were all acting like a bunch wild animals, so I decided to step aside where it was safe enough and wait for the corridors to clear up. The bell rang signaling the beginning of classes I threw my hands up in the air, ''Great, just great!'', I shouted.


I was frustrated and decided that waiting around here was not going to do me any good, so as I stepped forward to once again enter all of the chaos somebody grabbed me by the shoulder. I stopped and turned around to see Veronica standing there.


''Hello Douglas'', she said with a wicked tone.


''Hello Veronica what do you want?'', I couldn't help but not hide the fact that she annoyed me.


''Nice to see you too, is that anyway to speak to your girlfriend?'', she said harshly.


I sighed, ''Veronica let's get one thing straight me and you are done!'', ''You are no longer my girlfriend, besides you deserve to be spoken down to not everybody worships you I sure don't!'', I smirked at her.


She grabbed me by my t-shirt collar and pulled me closer to her, then she whispered in my ear ''We'll see about that won't we honey'', she said coldly.


She turned her head and gave me a kiss on my cheek then walked away.


I could feel anger building up inside of me; I clenched my fists at my side ready to punch the next person that stepped on my toes.Veronica even that name repulsed me, she was a disgusting human being and I would be more than happy to end her miserable life once and for all, the only thing that stood in my way was of course her father, he was the leader of our clang and if I so much as laid a finger on her I would be killed.





Veronica and I used to date, we dated for Five years I thought she was the one for me but I couldn't of been more wrong about that, the first three years were filled with what I thought at that time was ''love'' but then everything changed! She became cold hearted and sly, she made everybody around her lives miserable including mine, she manipulated me into doing things I would of never done she used me as her slave!


I decided I had finally had enough about a week ago and broke up with her, she of course didn't take it well in fact she threatened to make my life a living hell, I laughed in her face and told her that she was too late for that, because the last three years made me feel like I was living in hell itself!


I turned around and left her standing there in utter shock, oh how I would have loved to have taken a picture of the look that was left on her face that day, and ever since then she won't leave me alone.


End of flashback.



The past was the past and that's exactly where Veronica would stay in my past, I glanced at the clock and saw that I was 15 Minutes late for my first class, taking a deep breath and brushing my anger aside I started to run down the corridor, hoping I would make up for some lost time when all of a sudden I ran into something hard, I heard a moan and came to a sudden stop.


Turning around I saw a girl lying on the floor with her face down, feeling like a complete fool I put my hand over my eyes and shook my head.


''If you weren't in such a rush Douglas you would have see her you're an idiot'', I mumbled to myself.


As I started to walk towards her still covering my eyes from being too embarrassed to face her she shouted, ''What in the hell!''


I felt like a total moron, I moved a bit closer to her and could see through the gap in my fingers that she was now looking at me, she looked angry I mean I don't blame her I would be too if someone had pushed me over like that.


''I'm so sorry'', I said.


I couldn't stop but think to myself, that this is in fact the third time I had just run over someone I was such a clumsy person.


Removing my hand from my eyes I studied her, all she did was look down and shake her head from side to side, ''It's okay just watch where you're going next time'', she mumbled.


The look she had on her face saddened me I felt bad for what I had just done so I offered to help her up, by extending my hand towards her she took it and stood up.


I apologized to her once again then studied her, she was beautiful in her own kind of way, very different from any of the other girls in the school, as I continued to study her i started to develop this weird feeling in my stomach.


''Hi I'm Casey Rose'', she said introducing herself to me.


''Hi Casey nice to meet you Im Douglas Ribera''.


I could tell by looking at her that she was shy because she turned her head away from mine, she then whispered something but I couldn't quiet hear what it was.


I would of stayed longer to have a chat with her but I was really running late, so I apologized to her for us meeting this way and left continuing to run down the corridor. While I continued running I couldn't stop thinking about her, she was different and not in a bad way but there was definitely something that I liked about her, I eventually reached my first class for the day and opened the door, I stepped inside and closed it behind me hoping that no one would see me sneaking in.


''Mr. Ribera would you please be so kind as to remove yourself from this classroom, you are late and therefore you will not be a part of this class today young man'', Said Mr. Banks.


I rolled my eyes at him and left the class room slamming the door behind me. ''He's such a jerk!'', I said.


With nothing better to do I decided to go and explore around the fields out back, stepping outside I glanced around and caught sight of someone sitting by a tree, I walked a bit closer and saw that the person sitting there was actually Casey, from the looks of it she was busy reading a book.


It was now or never I had to go and speak to her I still felt bad for what happened earlier on and wanted to clear the air between us, as I got closer to her that feeling returned to my stomach making me feel light headed, what did this feeling mean? , I've never felt it before clearing my head of all my thoughts I stepped in front of her and glanced down at her book.


''Hi again, what you reading?'', I asked her peering down at her book.


''Hi, the French Revolution'fun hey?'', she sighed.


I had to compose myself and not laughed at her she was definitely one of a kind, no other girl would of admitted that to me. We continued to talk and I offered to take her out to lunch, but she turned me down she insisted that it wasn't a good idea because of Veronica. I told her that I had broken up with her but somehow I felt the need to prove that to Casey.


I offered to walk her to her next class and she took me up on that offer, as we walked I couldn't help but look at her she was amazing everything about her was perfect to me, we reached the next class she was attending but I couldn't go I had to do something or say something to her but what?


All I could think about right now was kissing her but I couldn't do that, she didn't even know me she would definitely reject me, and maybe never speak to me again! I couldn't take that chance so instead I tilted her face up and placed one of my fingers underneath her chin, I told her how beautiful she was then quickly walked away before I was tempted again.


The rest of my classes seem to take forever all I wanted was for the bell to ring so that I could go to lunch and speak to her again, I need to pull myself together what is going on with me? , If I carried on like this she would definitely think I was stalking her! , I slapped my face lightly to get myself to stop thinking about her, but it didn't work the bell finally rang I packed up all my books and headed out the door making my way into the cafeteria, I found my usual group of friends sitting In the back corner, I sat down and greeted everyone then glanced around the room, I didn't see her and felt a bit disappointed maybe I did scare her away?


I glanced around again and was thankful to see her stepping through the cafeteria doors; I must have waved to her a bit to enthusiastically because with one small wave and a smile she disappeared into the crowd.


I sat there feeling stupid by the way I had reacted so I got up, and went to look for her it was a mission to find her there were too many students just standing around doing nothing and making it very impossible to make my way through them, eventually I did and spotted her standing in the food line. I casually made my way over there and yanked her tray out of her hands then offered to help her.


She was very persistent about me not helping her but I was not going to let her carry her tray, I wanted to help and I wasn't taking no for an answer not this time anyways.


All of a sudden she grabbed the tray from me and told me to stop causing a scene; I could see her cheeks turning red and knew I had embarrassed her in front of all these pathetic people! , I left it and followed her instead.


All by herself she sat down at an empty table and started to eat, I snuck over and slipped into the seat next to her before she could protest, she looked at me probably wondering what I was doing, HELL I didn't even know what I was doing, my head was a complete mess ever since I bumped into her, I just needed to understand her, I needed to get to know her better.


Innocently she asked me what I wanted all of the frustration was now out of her voice, she seemed calmer than what she was five minutes ago, I felt really bad deep down inside I completely understood where she was coming from, I mean she must be wondering why I'm following her around like a creep.


We spoke for a bit and I offered her a ride home, something was consuming me from the inside out ,I have never felt this determined to spend so much time with someone especially given my circumstance's, I shouldn't even be able to have feelings for someone like her the rules were clear I had to stick to my own kind or else there would be consequences. 


Well rules had to be broken sometimes she was unique and I wanted to know why, I got up and head to my last class for the day English as I reached the door and stepped inside I was stopped by Veronicas friend Rachel.


''What do you want Rachel?'', I moaned.


''Douglas don't be so mean sweetie I just want to talk'', she said happily.


''About what Rachel cut the crap and get to the point!'', I was getting frustrated all I wanted was to be left alone but that seemed impossible.


''Well of course about us now that Veronica is out of the picture for good!'',She started  tracing  her fingers along my arm.


''There is no us Rachel when are you going to get that through your head?'', I brushed her fingers off and walked to my desk, taking my seat I couldn't help but feel her gaze burning through me she was one nasty creature.


The hour seemed to go quickly and before I knew it the bell had rung, I hurried out of the class before Rachel could stop me again, but when I looked around for her In the corridor she was already gone, letting out a sigh of relief I continued to walk towards the front door hoping to get to the parking lot before Casey did.


I passed a few classes before reaching the front door, I was pulled off my feet and dragged into a small room it was dark and smelled of dust.


''What the..'', Before I could say another word a hand was pushed over my mouth blocking any sound.


''Shhhh sweetie'', she whispered.


''Rachel I mumbled'', she removed her hand and yanked me up.


''I told you to keep it down Douglas!'', she lifted her finger and placed it on my lips.


''Fine'', I whispered.


''Good now that, that's all cleared up lets move on.'', she smiled.


''Move on to what Rachel, why have you dragged me into this dark room?'', I asked curiously.


''Don't act stupid baby you know why I did it, we needed some alone time without any distractions'', she took her index finger and traced the outline of my lips.


''Stop it I just told you there is nothing going on between us, and there never will be anything between us now move so I can get out of here!'', I spat at her.


''Ah, Ah, Ah, I can't let you do that, you see I want you I always have and you will want to be with me too or else.'' she smirked.


''Or else what Rachel?'', I hisses.


''I will make sure you can't be with anybody else understood?'', she said raising her eyebrow.


I stood there in silence for a moment, I knew she would do anything to be with me and if she was already throwing around threats like that without knowing about Casey, then I needed to protect Casey for her sake or Rachel would kill her!


''Well you can't have me so I guess no one else will then either'', I said bluntly, I was not intimidated by her I could easily kill her if I wanted to!


''You stupid boy you think I don't know, I know everything you forget that sometimes, that's one of my gifted talents I see everything future, present and past, and if I can't have something Ill destroy whatever is in my way, got it?'', She said harshly.


''What do you already know?'', I asked.


''I know that you have feelings for someone who is not like us, I couldn't quiet see who it is but ill figure it out sooner than later.''


''Well you do that then Rachel and good luck!'', I spat through my teeth.


I turned around and made my way to the door, stepping outside I didn't look back, I walked straight to the parking lot, I could feel my anger building up again, my veins started to boil.


Taking a few calming breaths I stood by my car for a few minutes, when I was joined by my friends Doug, James and Keith they were all on my football team, we chatted for a bit then I spotted Casey, I called out to her but she didn't respond I thought maybe she didn't hear me, so I called out to her again this time she looked and smiled, she began to make her way towards us.


''Douglas what are you doing?'', said Keith


''What do you mean Keith?'', I asked not realizing that I wasn't paying much attention to them.


'''With her'', Doug said motioning his head toward her.


''We're just friends guys calm down''.


''Bullshit Douglas we can sense that you feel something more for her do not lie to us!'', James hissed at me.


Before I could respond Casey was there standing in front of us, I could feel she felt out of place, so I broke the silence by acting how I would usually act friendly.


'Hi Casey there you are I thought you didn't see me.'', I said smiling at her.


She smiled at everyone then spoke, she stuttered so what big deal she was scared! ,  My anger was surfacing again when I saw all of my friends laughing and mocking her, I could kill them all right now! All I wanted to do was protect her and I couldn't because if she saw who I really was she would run for her life.


Instead of lashing out I acted calm and collective my friends didn't like it very much and left leaving me and Casey alone at once.


I could see the redness in her cheeks she was embarrassed and I was angry, she quickly shrugged it off and walked towards me punching me in the shoulder, she was strong for a girl such as herself, I joked around with her then got into the car and turned it on.


While I was driving I couldn't help but sneak a quick peak in her direction, she was singing to the song on the radio seeing her lip sing like that made me feel more relaxed and happy, I cranked the volume up and began to sing with her I didn't know a dam word to this song but I was hoping she wasn't paying any attention.


I stopped in her driveway and looked at her, this was it I needed to do it I've waited long enough, I squeezed her hand then chickened out, I was scared of rejection as I saw her undoing her seatbelt I saw this as the perfect opportunity, it was now or never I said to myself, I grabbed her arm and turned her around to face me, before she could move away I kissed her, the kiss was incredible just as I suspected it to be it blew my socks right off.


We both pulled away feeling a little bit shy and flustered saying our goodbyes I drove away with the biggest smile on my face, I felt like the luckiest guy In the world!









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