Darkest Desires

Casey is no ordinary girl she sees things terrible things! There is a demon taunting her, in her dreams and somehow in her reality.
Her life starts to take a wrong turn when she sees who he really is, he is there to take her life but she doesn't know that yet, will he let her go or will he end her life once and for all?
Keep reading to find out...


8. Douglas's P.O.V 3 Im broken inside.

My morning was miserable, I hadn't seen or heard from Casey yet not that it would change my mind but I needed to know if she was alright, I walked over to my locker and took out some books for my classes when Rachel put her filthy hands around my waist!


''Get off of me.'', I snapped at her.


''Good Morning to you too, wow some one is grumpy this morning bad night?'', She said in a sarcastic tone cocking her eyebrow.


''You have no idea thanks to you!'', I hissed through my teeth.


''Oh no need to thank me sweetie just trying to be a good friend that's all.'', She whispered into my ear.


''You disgust me Rachel! Just great she's here today and she's coming over to us!'', I said.


''You better remember our little agreement.'', She said harshly.


I watched Casey from the corner of my eye as she made her way over to us, she had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen and I bet it was just for me, My heart was beating at a million miles per hour but there was nothing I could do about it not with Rachel here, I had also made my self a promise to let Casey go but seeing her now I knew it was going to be a lot harder than I had expected.


''Hi'', she said looking directly at me and then at Rachel.


This was hard I didn't want to hurt her feeling but Rachel was giving me the stank eye so I couldn't speak to her either, Instead I glared at Rachel and stormed off, I could feel her eyes on me she was disappointed and hurt, But I continued to walk, l hid around the nearest corner and peeked at them I needed to know that Rachel wasn't going to do anything to her, instead Casey smiled and walked away.


I decide to follow her I needed to talk to her to explain things but how she couldn't know who I really was, I was probably the last person she wanted to see right now after what I had just done! I saw her run into the arts class room and slam the door behind her, Not wanting to go in I peeked through the window, there she was on the floor tears streaming down her face.


Great I had hurt her it was the last thing I wanted to do, all I wanted to make her the happiest girl in the world and now I couldn't! I was just like all those dirt bag guys that went around breaking girls hearts; I don't deserve her maybe I should just go, leave the school for good! My thoughts were just running through my head when I saw her hurt to change to anger as I   continued to watch her, then I heard her scream ''how could he?'', a few tears escaped my eyes before I wiped them away! , ''You need to man up Douglas.'', I mumbled.


She sat there for a few moments before I saw her get up, quickly I ran and hid I knew she was going to go home but I couldn't let her go not like this I needed to speak to her now,  running after her I called her name but she ignored me and walked faster towards the front door.


With no choice left I had to make her stop so I did by grabbing her wrist and spinning her around so that she could face me, the look I saw on her face when I turned her around was horrible she looked utterly destroyed and numb, the spark she used to get in her eyes whenever she saw me was now gone it was replaced by anger and hate!


I tried to talk to her but the more I spoke the less she wanted to hear, she told me to leave her alone and that ripped through me like a dagger those were the last words I wanted to ever hear coming from her mouth! I was officially gutted so I stopped fighting and let her walk away.


Once she was gone the anger ripped through my body causing a series of explosions to set off, I  spun around and smashed my fist against the wall causing it to cave in! Realizing what I had just done I looked around to see if there were any witnesses, but there were none so I stormed out the front door.


I needed to get rid of Rachel sooner than I thought and I needed to start planning.












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