Darkest Desires

Casey is no ordinary girl she sees things terrible things! There is a demon taunting her, in her dreams and somehow in her reality.
Her life starts to take a wrong turn when she sees who he really is, he is there to take her life but she doesn't know that yet, will he let her go or will he end her life once and for all?
Keep reading to find out...


5. Douglas's P.O.V 2

I walked down the corridor looking everywhere for Casey but I didn't see her. Where is she I wondered classes were about to start and she wasn't here.


Getting closer to my locker I spotted Rachel standing in front of it with her arms crossed and a very awkward smile appeared on her face, something was definitely wrong. My emotions were starting to work up and the next thing I knew they were on fire! I stormed over to my locker and shoved Rachel against the door, taken back by my sudden outrage she gasped in shock.


''WHAT HAVE YOU DONE RACHEL?'', my scream was filled with rage, she flinched at the sound of my voice.


''What are you talking about Douglas?'', she asked innocently.


''Don't play dumb with me I can tell you did something, why else would you be standing here after what happened yesterday?'', I asked angrily.


''Oh you mean that something mmmm let me think could it be Casey?''


That's when I knew for sure she had done something terrible, my instincts kicked in naturally and the next thing I knew my elbow was pressed against Rachel's throat and I was choking her.


''Douglas stop it I can't breathe!'', she said gasping for air.


My eyes watched her struggling to inhale air but deep down inside I was smiling, she had done something Casey and now she was paying the price for it! Leaning in closer to her I whispered ''Tell me what you did to Casey or help me so Ill end your life right now''


''Calm down Douglas!'', she barely whispered.


I let go of her and stepped back what have I just done? Never before had I been this out of control I've always had a grip on my emotions!


''I didn't do anything harmful to that stupid little bitch! All I did was warn her to stay away from you, like I said before if I can't have you then no one can!'', she hissed.


Feeling frustrated I had to fight the urge not to choke her again!


'Douglas I warned you didn't I?', she asked sarcastically.


She did warn me but I didn't care Casey meant a lot more to me than my life itself! I had only known Casey for a few days but I could feel we were meant to be together and no one was going to stand in the way of that happening! Even Rachel I will take care of her.


''Don't stress to much about Casey she won't remember anything in anyway, I erased her memory in case she decided to open her big mouth.''


She lifted her hand and ran it through my hair before leaning back against my locker.


''Don't touch me! Your disgusting Rachel and let's get this straight I'm not your property so you don't get to decide who I choose to be with! Are you sick in your head you torment and torture her then erase her memory leaving her to question what happened?'', I snapped at her.


''Douglas baby don't play hard to get with me I know you better than anyone else around here including your sweet little Casey, she doesn't know who you truly are but I do.'', she winked at me.


I looked directly at her was she now threatening to reveal my true identity! I could wipe that smug little smile right off of her face the selfish cow!


''Rachel listen to me very carefully if you do anything to harm Casey I'll ..''


''You'll what you pathetic boy; you know just as well as I do, that if you lay on finger on me our whole clang will turn against you.'' She threw her head back and let out a loud chuckle.


''I don't care I'll kill all of you just to protect her do you understand me?'' I shouted in her face. ''Now get out my way, bitch and stay away from me and Casey!'' I pushed her away from my locker, got my books and stormed off to class.


The day seemed to be taking forever and all I could think about was Casey I haven't heard from her yet and I was starting to worry! If Rachel knew what was best for her she would stay far away from me and Casey.


The bell rung and I sprung out of my seat grabbing all my books and chucking them into my back pack, swinging it over my shoulder I hurried to my car in the parking lot. I climbed in and threw my back pack on the passenger seat; I started the car not giving it enough time to warm up then floored it down the road.


Moments later I arrived at Casey's house and parked in her drive way, jumping out the car I ran to her door and rang the bell hoping that she would answer, a twisted feeling started to form in my stomach as I stood there waiting it made me feel sick. If Rachel had hurt Casey in any way I would go back to school now and finish the job!


''Hi can I help you?'' Said an unfamiliar voice.


Looking up I saw an older women, but I could tell it was Casey's mom they both had very similar facial features.


''Hi Mrs. Rose I'm Douglas Ribera a friend of your daughters, speaking of is your daughter home?''


''Oh your Douglas nice to meet you, yes she is here but she has been sleeping the whole day, I'm afraid and I just can't seem to get her up.''


''Feeling disappointed I handed her a note ''Could you please give this to her for me when she wakes up?'', I asked.


She smiled at me very sadly, ''Douglas do you want to come in and see if you can't wake her up?''


Overjoyed by her offer I stepped inside the house, her mother pointed me in the right direction and off I went, her room looked normal nothing looked out of place or unusual and Casey was unharmed sleeping peacefully on her bed.


I made my way over to her bed and sat down beside her, she didn't move she only lay there breathing slowly. I gentle stroked her face and could see tiny little bruises on her cheeks, my emotions started to over whelm me anger sprung into action and the next thing I knew my hands were burning!


I heard a tiny knock at the door and quickly calmed down,'' Come in'', I said.


''Douglas honey do you want to stay for dinner?'', she asked


''No thanks Mrs. Rose I need to go home and study, I just stopped by to check on Casey.''


I lied but I really didn't want to impose, I looked down at Casey one last time and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.


'I love you Casey Rose please wake up soon.' I whispered to her hoping she would hear me, and don't worry the person who did this to you is going to pay!


Standing up I made my way out the door saying goodbye to Mrs. Rose and thanking her for letting me in to see Casey, I walked out the front door feeling a ball of mixed emotions building up inside of anger, rage, and hurt I could feel all of these emotions Rachel was going to pay. I climbed into my car reversed slowly, as soon as I got onto the road I sped off causing my tires spin on the tar.


Looking at Casey in that coma I knew I had to back away from her it was too dangerous for her sake and her wellbeing, I can't protect the both of us from all of the others there are two many of us. I've heard story's of people going into these kinds of comas I've just never actually seen one for myself up close until today, I couldn't tell Mrs. Rose she would question me and I was no Doctor.


My drive home was lonely I felt useless for not being there to protect her and angry, I wasn't there to protect her when she needed me the most instead she landed up getting hurt! Feeling angry at myself I hit my steering wheel, ''Dam it Douglas can you never do anything right!'', I screamed aloud. I could be angry at myself but Deep down inside I could feel my heart shattering it wasn't ready to let Casey go, with no choice left I had to make the decision to walk away. Just until I can come up with a plan to get rid of Rachel. 















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