Darkest Desires

Casey is no ordinary girl she sees things terrible things! There is a demon taunting her, in her dreams and somehow in her reality.
Her life starts to take a wrong turn when she sees who he really is, he is there to take her life but she doesn't know that yet, will he let her go or will he end her life once and for all?
Keep reading to find out...


2. Brighter days

I rolled on my back and groaned, As I was awoken by my annoying alarm clock, I pressed my hands onto my ears, to try and block out the sound. I couldn't open my eyes, I was still too tired, eventually squinting through them I glanced at my alarm clock, 7.ooam Monday morning, ''Crap!'', I whined. Feeling very disappointed about having to leave my warm bed, I swung my legs off the side and sat up.


Giving my eyes a final rub, I stood and hastily walked around my room mumbling to myself, ''what am I going to wear, I'm going to be so late dam it!'

I found my black skinny jeans along with my white T- shirt on the floor, all of my stuff was scattered on the floor I wasn't the most organized person. Five minutes later and I was dressed, Black skinny jeans, a white T-shirt and my black cow boy boots. My hair was a mess so I decided to go with a messy bun.


''Perfect!'', I exclaimed as I eyed myself out in the mirror. I was really nothing special, my hair was shoulder length, dark brown with red highlights, my eyes were big and round the colour hazel, my body was petite but like I said nothing appealing about me.


I bent down and grabbed my back pack swinging it over my shoulder, then headed out my bedroom door, sprinting down the stairs I accidently missed the last step, luckily I had good reflexes and managed to grab the railing to steady myself!


''Your late Casey!'', I heard my mother shout from the kitchen.


Rolling my eyes I shouted back, ''I know I'm off, see you later.''


Reaching the front door I swung it open and ran outside, not being able to stop the door in time behind me it slammed shut. Looking up I saw that the school bus had already left, ''Great just great!'', I shouted in frustration.


These dreams are no good, they keep getting more realistic and I can hardly sleep. I used to be able to sleep at least 3 hours, if I got 1 hour now I was lucky.I began to walk down the street, still lost in my train of thoughts, I looked around and saw   no one. It's to quiet around here something feels strange.


Quickly remembering my wrist I lifted the sleeve of my jacket up, to reveal a dark mark around it, squinting at it I could see a shape, it wasn't a circle it looked more like a symbol, maybe some sort of a tribal symbol I thought. Frowning at it I could see a name, it was engraved in the symbol ''Transetra''. ''What does that mean?'', I whispered. Feeling a little bit freaked out, I dropped my sleeve back down and shook my head. ''This is too weird.''


I looked up just in time to see my school, West Wood High in front of me. It wasn't that far from my house but walking always made it seem miles away! I eventually arrived on school grounds, quickly grabbing my sleeve and tugged it down, so that it wouldn't decide to creep up.

Keeping my head down I made my way through the crowds of students standing around, trying very hard not to look any body in the eyes, ''That was close'', I whispered to myself as I entered the building, feeling a bit more relaxed I made my way over to my locker, when all of a sudden a crowd of students stormed through the front door behind me, they shoved and pushed me into the corridor wall! One girl even shouted, ''Get out of my way looser!''      


This day has just started out great, I had to walk to school, then got mowed down in the corridor by a bunch of hooligans, and while trying to mind my own business, now looking at the clock I was going to be late for my first class!


''Great could anything thing else go wrong? If so then please do it now!'' I shouted aloud raising my hands in the air. At that moment I was pushed down to the ground falling face first, I managed after a moment to push myself up onto my elbows.


''What in the hell!'', I yelled.


''I'm sorry crap, I've done it again.'', said a boys voice.


I tilted my head up to see a boy standing there, with his hand covering his eyes, obviously feeling very embarrassed.


''It's okay   just watch where you're going next time!'', I shouted at him in frustration.


No one ever saw me, I was invisible. I'll give him credit for stopping to apologize thou. He removed his hand from his eyes, stepped forward and extended his hand out to me, I took it und stood up.


''I'm really sorry, I was in such a rush and didn't see you.'', He shrugged.


I could see that he was really sorry, so I decided to let it go.


''It's okay'', I chuckled softly.


Confused he looked at me in surprise.


''What?'', I asked.


''Nothing just expected a different reaction, you know.'', he smiled.


I smiled back and decide to introduce myself, ''Hi I'm Casey Rose.''


''Hi Casey nice to meet you, I'm Douglas Ribera'', He replied giving me a small smile.


His smile made me feel good and I could feel my cheeks burning up, I turned my head to the side, '' I know who you are Douglas, you're the football teams captain'', I whispered to myself.


''Casey it was nice meeting you, sorry it had to happen like this I would have liked it to be different'', he said.


I looked back up at him and smiled, ''No problem'', is all I managed to say kill me now!


''I have to go I'm late for class, see you later thou?'', he asked. I smiled at him then nodded, ''See you later''.


He gave me a quick wave and ran back down the corridor, he's so dreamy I can't believe he actually spoke to me my heart was racing. Snapping out of my fantasy world I looked at the clock 8.15am, I was late for History so I might as well bunk, ''Where can I go?'', I asked myself. An idea sprang to my mind the back fields no one ever went there unless they wanted to bunk, perfect.


Stepping outside I looked around for the biggest tree, making my way over to it I sat down taking out my book on the ''French Revolution'', I decided to read this isn't my book of  choice but I didn't want to fall behind. As hard I as I tried to concentrate on my book, I just couldn't! Douglas was clouding my thoughts, he actually spoke to me and didn't pretend I was invisible.


A shadow came over me and I looked up to see Douglas standing there. ''Hi again, what you reading?'', he asked peering down at my book.


''Hi the French Revolution fun hey?'', I sighed.


He looked so handsome when he smiled, he has light blue eyes the colour of a calm sea, sandy blonde hair that slightly hung in his face, striking facial features, a defined jaw line and a good size nose, let's not forget that dazzling smile too.


He smiled down at me, ''Is there something in my hair?'', he asked running his hands through it.


''No-o-o-o I was trying to block the sun out.'' Great I stuttered. Feeling foolish I looked back down at my book, my cheeks were burning up again. ''Your welcome to join me'', I said patting the ground next to me. He stood still for a moment before sitting.


''Why are you out here?'', I asked curiously.


''I was late for class so the teacher chased me away I decided to come out here and explore'', he chuckled.


''So Casey did you just move here?'', he asked.


''No, I've been in this school for about 4 years now..''


I looked up at him and could see he felt bad for not recognizing me, how could he I'm invisible to people like him.


He took one hand and rubbed his forehead, ''Once again I apologize'', he said feeling very ashamed.


''Don't worry about it.'' That's all I managed to say back, my mind was still trying to grasp the fact that Douglas Ribera was here talking to me!


''Casey?'', he asked innocently.


''Yes'', I smirked.


''Please let me make this up to you, go to lunch with me?''


''Have lunch with you? , are you sure that's a good idea? ,I blurted out.


Looking confused and hurt he asked, ''Why wouldn't it be?''.


I felt guilty, ''I don't want to be mean, but I'm sure if Veronica found out, she would destroy me!''


He let out a loud chuckle, ''Casey me and Veronica are over, I broke up with her a week ago!'', he said.


''Oh'', I replied. ''I'll skip this time, but maybe next time?'', I nodded.


He looked down at the ground for a moment but then looked back up at me, and smiled ''Okay'', he said.


He stood up and extended his hand out to me, '' Well since I can't take you to lunch, could I walk you to your next class?'', he winked at me.


''Sure, why not.'' I took his hand and pulled myself up, we walked across the field and back into the school building, the halls were still quiet which meant the other students were still in class. We stopped in front of my class, oh how I wished I had just said yes to lunch.


''Well here we are Casey, guess I'll see you around? ,he gave me a reassuring smile.


''I hope so.'', I replied.


With that I turned to entre my class, he grabbed me by the arm and spun me around, sliding one  of his fingers under my chin, he tilted my head up so that I could look into his eyes. My heart started to race, was he going to kiss me? , Would it be good? , Would I faint? , all of these questions raced through my mind. He sighed moving his face closer to mine, then whispered, ''Your beautiful Casey always remember that.'', he said. On that note he turned on his heels and walked away.


''What!'', How could he do that? , He can't just do that and walk away! I turned and stomped into my maths class. Maths felt like it took hours, all I could think about was Douglas, why was he paying so much attention to me? The bell rang and that meant lunch time, I headed out to the cafeteria, stepping inside I saw Douglas waving at me from a table in the corner, he was with all if his football friends.


Feeling very embarrassed I gave him a quick wave and disappeared through the crowd. ''Great'', I thought to myself, this day just keeps getting better and better, I got in line for food and finally reached the front, I started to dish up some spaghetti when my tray was yanked out of my hands. ''Here let me help you with that'', said Douglas happily.


I turned around to see him standing there with my tray of food,'' Thanks Douglas but I can handle it'', I said taking my tray back.


''No Casey please, I insist let me help you'', He said sharply taking my tray from me once again.


The room fell silent and I looked around, everyone was now staring at us, including Veronica who had her arms folded, she didn't look very happy.

''Douglas please your making a scene'', I said , ''I can handle it!'', I snapped at him. I yanked my tray out of his hands, spun around and walked away, I didn't care where I was going to sit I just needed to get out of there.


Everyone had gone back to ignoring me, so I found the first empty table and took a seat. I looked up to see that Douglas had snuck his way over to my table, he had managed to slide into the chair next to me.


''What do you want?'' , I sighed in frustration.


He looked down at the table then looked back up at me, ''I just want to talk, stop being so worried about everyone else around you'', He said smiling politely.


I can't be mad at him, it's not like he was trying to embarrass me.


''What do you want to talk about?'' , I asked.


''First off , I want to say sorry for embarrassing you back there, I didn't mean too.'' , He sighed then patted me on the shoulder.


I smiled feeling guilty, for thinking he would do that.


''It's okay, I'm just not used to talking to anyone especially people like you.'', I looked at him sadly.


''I see so is it a problem that I'm speaking to you now?'' , He asked.


''No'' , I blurted out, ''I mean I'm just not used to it.''


''Good, so you wouldn't mind me spending more time with you, here at school and maybe out of school?'', He asked.


A giggle escaped from my mouth, was he really asking my permission to spend time with me? ''No I wouldn't'', I said feeling very proud of myself.


''Great , then let me give you a ride home today after school.'' He said with a dazzling smile playing across his lips.


''Oh would you please wipe that stupid smile off your face! People are starting to stare at us again.'', I moaned.


''Fine, but you didn't answer my question?'' He leaned in a bit closer and tucked a stand of hair behind my ear, ''Please say yes Casey'', He whispered. I could feel goose bumps running down my spine, his breath felt so warm against my ear.


''Sure let me just text my mom, I need to ask my permission. I took my phone out and typed away.


Hi mom


I just want to find out if

I could catch a ride home

with Douglas today?



I looked up at him and winked, ''My moms very protective when it comes to boys you know.'' I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, so I took it out and read the text from my mom.




Who Is this Douglas boy

you mentioned?




I quickly typed back a reply, then put my phone back in my pocket.




He's just a friend mom...




I looked up and saw Douglas staring at me, ''What she say?'' , he asked.


''I'm still waiting for her answer, she's to busy questioning me.''


''Oh no problem sweetie, just let me know, I have to go now, but hopefully I'll see you after school in the parking lot.''


I nodded at him and sighed, my phone vibrated once again.




Okay I don't like this idea

you know how I am but it's

safer than you walking home.


P.S Just remember that move I taught

you if he tries anything funny.


Be safe Love Mom. XOXO



I rolled my eyes at her P.S comment but then giggled, she can so silly sometimes! I finished my lunch and went to my classes for the rest of the day. Finally the bell rang, signaling the end of the day, over joyed I sped walked to the parking lot.


''Casey I'm here.'', I heard Douglas shout.


I looked around and saw Douglas standing next to a white Mustang GT, it was my dream car well not this one in particular, I preferred the older version to this one. Still it was a hot car! He was standing there talking to all of his football friends, I decided to stay put. I waited around a little while longer when he called me again, this time when I looked he was staring straight at me calling me over to them.


Dragging my feet along very slowly, I moved through the parking lot towards them, when I got there they were all giving me dirty looks except for Douglas.


''Hi Casey, there you are thought you didn't see me.'' He said smiling at me.


Feeling nervous I swallowed then spoke, ''No-ooo-o I wasn't sure if you were calling me over you looked busy.''


Great I stuttered how embarrassing, I looked down at my shoes. The group burst out in laughter, two of the guys even mocked me!


''Stop it!'', Douglas shouted.


He sounded very serious, when I looked back up they were all staring at me, they obviously didn't like his tone of voice because they turned and left.


''Casey don't pay attention to them, they're just jealous.''


This time it was me who let out a loud chuckle, as soon as I realized that I was laughing out loud, I cupped my hand over my mouth feeling stupid. He stood there looking at me with amusement in his eyes. I straightened up and walked towards him punching his shoulder softly, then made my way to the passenger door.


''Ouch what was that for?'' he joked.


I smiled sarcastically at him, ''That was for being corny, and for sticking up for me, I'm quite capable of doing that myself!'', I smirked.


''Okay remind me never to be corny or stick up for you again'', he said raising his hands in defeat. ''Most girls would appreciate it, Casey I guess you're not like most girls are you?'' , He winked at me before climbing into the driver's seat.


'No I'm not, thanks thou.''


We both buckled up and he turned the ignition on, the car started with a roar and off we drove.


While driving down the road we were listening to the radio, my favourite song was playing and I couldn't help my lips from moving along to the words. Douglas caught me red handed but didn't say anything, instead he cranked the volume up and joined me, it was very amusing because he didn't know any of the words.


We pulled into my drive way just as the song came to an end, and he turned the car off then looked at me.


''Can I take you home again tomorrow?'', he asked me.


''I'm sure it should be fine, by the way nice car'', I said smiling.


''Thanks.'', He said grabbing my hand and giving it a tight squeeze, '' See you tomorrow then Casey.''


I started to unbuckle my seat belt when Douglas grabbed me by the arm and turned me around to face him, he lent forward and kissed me gently on the lips.

At first I was in shock but then I kissed him back, I could feel explosions erupting inside of me, the kiss was amazing it felt right.


After a few moments we both pulled away out of breath, I could see he was blushing heck I was blushing too, the awkwardness soon faded away and we both burst out laughing.


I got out the car feeling all flustered and waved goodbye to him as he drove down the street, it was sad seeing him go but I knew I would see him tomorrow!


I ran for the front door and stepped inside, this feeling was amazing wish I could feel like this all the time, with that though I ran to my room and collapsed on my bed I was the luckiest girl in the world!











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