Save the princess? Why not us?


The brothers did it again. Mario and Luigi have fought impossible odds, making their way through enormous worlds, defeated the Koopa Troop's most powerful generals, defeated Bowser (again), saved the princess (again), and destroyed Bowser's castle. The Mushroom Kingdom is safe, and the brothers are heroes! ...Right? What about the koopas, the goombas,the countless grunts of Bowser's army? What happens to them after every defeat?

...Are you sure you want to know?


1. For King Bowser...

I thought that we could do it. I swear on my life and everything that I love, I thought that just this once, the Koopa Troop would be victorious. It seemed like everything had finally been planned out perfectly for once. As captain of the Red Shell Company, I had made sure that only my best koopas would aid us in our final stand. My Paratroopas flew alongside the Paragoombas outside of King Bowser's castle, circling the grand, gray, imposing towers and occasionally reporting back to me and the other various captains of the Troop, saying "All clear", or "No sighting of the plumbers yet." The captains and I would simply nod and send them on their way. Though Mario and Luigi had yet to reach the castle, the room that the captains and I were sitting in was filled with tense silence. I sat at a circular, gray table with my comrades, a giant chandelier made of a rusty, brown metal dangling above our heads. It was suspended from the stone roof by a single, thick chain, the same chain that we used to control our chain chomps. The chandelier was very primitive; At the end of the chain was a rather large metal circle, with circular holes that held large torches that barely illuminated our dull surroundings. The room was quite small, with six large columns standing near the left and right walls, and the usual, imposing statue of Bowser that was actually carved into the back wall. The craftmanship of the carving was the only visually impressive thing in the room. It showed King Bowser standing, his large, muscular arms crossed and his eyes narrowed into a glare. His spiked shell was absent from the carving, but that was understandable. The table, like everything else, was gray and cold. The room, during peace time, was usually the dining room where the lower grunts of our army would eat. But now, as we prepared for battle, it had been transformed into a makeshift "War Room". With chalk, the captains and I had scribbled battle plans all over the table. After what seemed like hours, the Lakitu captain finally broke the silence. If I recall, his name was Brace. He sat in his trademark Lakitu cloud, a dark, frowning storm cloud. Brace was an intimidating individual for a Lakitu. He was relatively large, his leathery skin a dark green. A single sharp fang overlapped his bottom lip, and his eyes were always covered by dark sunglasses, no matter how dark his surroundings were. No one really understood why he constantly wore those glasses. The usual "douche" assumption did not work for him, for he was actually quite agreeable. When he spoke, his clear yet deep voice echoed off the thick walls. "This is ridiculous" He grumbled, "The Mario brothers are no where near us. We are captains! We should be stationed with our troops, ready to command! Instead, we are locked in this claustrophobic room like cowards, scribbling on this table like little children!" Brace was right, as usual. I sat back in my stone chair, slumping as much as my shell would allow. As a Koopa, I had a sense of rivalry towards Lakitus, who had developed strange psychic powers that allowed them to create their clouds. The rivalry came from the slight racism that Lakitu show to us regular Koopas. They always assumed that because of their clouds and close relationships with Spinies, that all other Koopas were inferior. However, Brace was different. For a captain of Bowser's army, he did not share any of the negative feelings towards us Koopas. Instead, he saw everybody except Koopas and Lakitus to be inferior. The Goomba captain, Goolb, scowled at Brace. Goolb wore a small, spiked metal cap, and was about as big as me. Goolb was an unusual Goomba, and not only because of his strange size. He was more ambitious than other Goombas, who almost always succumbed to their poor treatment and lowly status. I always felt sympathy for Goombas. Of everybody in the army, Goombas were always punished the most harshly by Bowser, and therefore were naturally aggressive and difficult to get along with. But Goolb, on the other hand, never lost his cool. Instead, he was calm and collected and had even became my friend. Believe me, I received my share of jokes and even insults from my fellow Koopas for befriending Goolb. "It's not like we'll be in this room the entire battle, Brace" Goolb responded, "Do you really need to be with your troops right this instant? Are they really so incompetent that they require you to constantly breathe down their tiny, almost non-existent Lakitu necks?" At Goolb's outburst, I immediately sat up with wide eyes and shot a glance at the other Koopa Captain, Shaun. While I was a red shell Koopa, Shaun was a green shell Koopa. His scales were a lighter color than mine, and he was slightly smaller and more scrappy. He returned my look and shrugged. Brace glared at Goolb from behind his glasses. "Incompetent?" He growled, surprised. "Excuse me, Goomba? Did what I said somehow register in your mind as permission to speak?" Goolb bared his sharp Goomba fangs. "I can speak as much as I please, and I say what's on my mind." "And what's on your tiny little mind, fungus?" Brace asked, smiling annoyingly.  Goolb leapt onto the table in an unusual fit of rage. "Right now, I'm wondering what a Lakitu's head might taste like!" As Brace and his cloud rose into the air, I stood up. "Enough, both of you! There will be plenty of time to get your aggression out once the plumbers arrive!" I snapped. The two captains looked at me, glared at each other, then returned to their seats. Shaun opened his mouth to say something, when the door to the room flew open. Kamek floated in the doorway. "Our troops have spotted the brothers! Get out and get to your companies!" As we rushed out of the "War Room", I began to feel my blood boil and I felt a rush of adrenaline. The entire foundations of the castle shook as I, and every other soldier of our army roared, "FOR KING BOWSER!!!"

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