Why me?

She lost the love of her life, but gained a child. Join her on her roller coaster of a life.


3. Two

“Here is your order, sir,” I said to one of my customers.

“Thank you, ma’am,” he said back. Wow, he was actually nice. I usually get eye rolls or glares. There were more customers in line, since today was one of our busiest days. I saw a cute boy in line and he kind of looks like Trey. My heart ached, but I kept a smile plastered on my face for the customers.

“Hey, can I have a number nine?” He asked. He sounds like Trey. Is that Trey? No, that can’t be him!

“Sure coming right up,” I said to him.

It has to be Trey! I sighed. But I know it’s too good to be true. He is my last customer of the day. “Here is your order, sir,” I said handing him the back. He handed me the money and a piece of paper.

“Thank you,” he winked then left. I looked at the paper.

               Call me, Shay

Oh my I got a phone number! He looks so much like Trey, but maybe a little older? I gave my register key to my manager and she gave me the tip jar. It had almost $50 in there! “Think of it as birthday present for Saria,” she said.

“Thank you so much,” I said to her.

I ran out the building and to my home. When I got there, I was greeted by Saria running up to me and hugging me. She is learning to walk really well! I looked at my dad, and he was really nervous. “Dad everything is going to be alright. Stop worrying! Who wouldn’t want to marry you? I mean look at you,” I said, well, yelled at him.

“Thanks, honey,” He hugged me, “What would I do without you?”

“Apparently, nothing, you can’t even put on a tie right!”

He laughed while I fixed his tie. I gave him the little shiny black box. He gave me one last hug and went out the door. I am really happy for them.

Saria yawned. “Are you tired, baby girl?” I asked. She just nodded. I picked her up and put her in her crib. She is so adorable! I am lucky that I have her and my dad. It was 9:52. Wow what a tiring day. Dad will tell me what happened tomorrow.

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