Why me?

She lost the love of her life, but gained a child. Join her on her roller coaster of a life.


14. Thriteen

“I do,” my dad said.

“You may now kiss the bride,” The priest gestured for them to get closer. They kissed. I was so happy for them. My dad finally found a new love. Now he is happy. When they finally finish kissing Linda turned around and hugged me. I was so happy for both off them. Dad and Linda ran out of the church. It was time for her to throw her bouquet. All the women, young and old, went behind Linda. She turned around and threw the flowers behind her. Everyone tried to grab it, but it landed right in my arms. I was shocked. Linda turned around and winked at me. Linda and my dad got into a limo and drove off. I looked for Shay and  I found him talking to some of my relatives. I went behind him and covered his eyes and said making my voice lower, “Guess who?”

“Umm, Santa Clause?” he guessed, chuckling.

“Yes, I’m Santa. Ho, ho, ho.”

“Ha, you missed my house plenty of times for the past few years Santa! Care to explain?”

“You didn’t deserve presents!”

He turned around and kissed me. We walked hand and hand to his car. We got in and drove off to the hall were the party is going to be. He held the steering wheel in one hand. and my hand in the other. It only took a couple minutes to get to the hall. When we got there we got out of the car and grabbed my extra shoes. My feet hurt from wearing these heals though out that long ceremony, now it’s time for slippers that look like dress shoes! We walked to the door and see my dad and Linda messing around like little kids. They were both wearing socks and sliding on the floor. I guess no matter how old you are you; you will always being doing this! My dad slid on the ground but stumbled and fell face first! I busted out laughing. My dad looked at us and blushed from embarrassment. “How much did you guy see?” my dad questioned.

“Enough to see you fall on your face,” I laughed at him.

More people showed up. Linda and dad went to their table I kissed Shay on the cheek and walked up to sit next to Linda. He sat next to me and started messing with my hands. The waiters and waitresses started serving the food. The food was delicious! Dad and Linda went to cut the cake. Everyone took pictures when they were cutting it together. It was adorable. I am so happy for them, I don’t care if I said it this for the hundredth or millionth time, because I am just that happy. Linda grabbed a piece of cake with her hands and shoved it in my dad’s face. Everyone laughed and took pictures. Dad wiped his face with his hand rubbing all over Linda’s face. They looked like cake monsters! I grabbed a piece and hid it behind my back, walking up to Shay. His back was turned away from me, so I tapped his shoulder. He turned around and before he could figure it out I shoved the cake in his face. He laughed and kissed me getting cake on my face. “The cake tastes delicious, don’t you think?” he asked leaning his forehead against mine. I just nodded and kissed him again. “Time for the Father Daughter dance!” said some women with a microphone. Linda went on the dance floor with her dad. Everyone clapped. My dad came up to me and bowed, “Do you mind if I have this dance, my fair lady?”

“Not at all, my fare gentlemen,” I answered and curtseyed. I took my dad’s hand and went to the dance floor. My dad started dancing, I leaned my head against my dad’s shoulder and told him, “I am really happy for you, dad”

“I’m happy for you too pumpkin,” he said.

“Look at you, growing up so fast! Dad, you’re getting old.”

“Ha! If I’m getting old so are you, kiddo. I can’t believe that you grew up so much over these last couple of years, I am proud of you.”

“I’m proud of you, too.”

“Shay is a good guy. He seems like a keeper.”

“I love you, dad”

“I love you, too, kiddo.”

The song ended. Shay came up and asked, “May I have this dance with your daughter?”

“Yes you may,” my dad told him, handing me into Shay’s arms.

We started dancing. I leaned my head into Shays chest. He kissed my forehead, and whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I whispered back.

He lifted my face to look at him. He kissed my nose, then my lips. This night was perfect. The last thing I remembered was kissing Shay, while dancing to the last song of the night.

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