Why me?

She lost the love of her life, but gained a child. Join her on her roller coaster of a life.


4. Three

I sat up in bed fully rested, I’m surprised, Saria didn’t wake me up once. I got out of bed and went straight to the kitchen. Where Linda is making breakfast. She was still in her pajamas. I looked at her hand but there was no ring on it! What happened?! I cleared my throat, to get her attention.  She turned to me and asked, “Hello, dear, I was just making pancakes. Do you want-” I cut her off.

“What happened last night?’

She looked confused. “What about last night?”

“He didn’t do it?!”

“Do what, honey?”

I didn’t give her an answer and I ran to my father’s room. He’s sleeping, good; I get to do something evil! I went back to the kitchen got a bucket from the cupboard under the sink. Linda raised an eyebrow at me still confused. I smiled sweetly at her and put it under the sink, turning it to the coldest temperature, it out hand full’s of ice, dumped it in until it was filled to the top. I went to my dad’s room, and then I checked if he was still asleep. Yes he still is! I poured the bucket on him and yelled, “Get your lazy butt up!”

He got up really quick! Uh oh, he looks mad. He got out of bed and looked at me. He looks really mad! He went over to me. He picked me up and threw me on the soaking wet bet. “That’s what you get, brat!” He laughed at me.

“Don’t call me a brat! You have some explaining to do, mister!” I said, getting off of the bed.

“About last night?”

“No, last week! Yes, about last night!”

“I am doing it tonight, okay?”

“Fine. Chicken!”

“I am not a chicken.”

“Whatever you say, chick- I mean dad.”

I ran out of the room and got ready for work. I have to work all weekend because I need the money. I also have to go to the store to buy Saria a gift for her third birthday tomorrow. I walked out the door and saw Shay talking to Treys parents. He must know them, I thought. Then there was screaming and he got into the car and drove away. Weird, I walked to work. Saturday, when all the people from school come and make fun of me. “Hey, girly, come here,” the manager called.

“Yes?” I asked.

“You are working really hard. I want to promote you to asset manager! We are getting pretty busy ever since you started working here.”

That’s because these people like to harass me, I thought, but I smiley cheerfully saying,  “Thank you so much!”

“Take the day off! You need it to buy the sweet baby of yours a gift!”

“Thanks, you’re the best”

I walked to the store and bought Saria a giant doll house she has been wanting and bought Trey flowers in his favorite color. Blue. I went home and snuck the doll house into the house in my dad’s room. Then headed off to the cemetery, which is a long walk, but worth it.

While walking, a car slowed down next to me. I started to get scared, I clutch the flowers closer to me. The windows were tinted dark brown. It fully stopped and the windows rolled down. To my relief I saw Trey’s old friends, Tommy and Sara. “Hey, girl, do you want a ride?” Sara asked.

“Thank you, but I’m headed to the-”

“Cemetery? We know, so are we. Get in.”

I got in and we sat in silence. Getting tired of  it, I asked, “So, how have you guys been?”

“Good, I guess. How about you?” Sara replied awkwardly.

“Same as ever, I guess.” That was the end of the conversation. I never was good friends with them. My thoughts wondered off to Trey and how would it be like if he was here now.

“Hey we’re here,” Tommy said waking me up from my thoughts. I got out off the car giving a silence, ‘thank you.’

We got to the tombstone and there was in the flower holder with a note.

I miss you so much little bro.

                                  I wish I could have spent more time with you.

                              Your big brother.

His brother came. It brought tears to my eyes. I put the flowers next to his and started to cry, then so did Tommy and Sara when they read the note. I feel so alone without him. I couldn’t take it anymore I ran. I ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I don’t know where I’m running to, but I keep running.

I stopped and fell to the ground, and, I laid on the rocks. I looked around and realized that I used to come here with Trey. I haven’t been here ever since the accident. I covered my face crying harder. This is where we had our first date, where I had my first kiss.

 The sound of birds and flowing water is filling my ears. I calmed down a bit and just stared at the rocks. I took off my shoes and put my feet in the cold water. The sight is filled with beauty and memories.

I looked up at the bright blue sky then back to the ground. Something caught my eye, it was a rock and it was a heart-shaped. Picking it up I examined it, it had a little dirt on it. I washed it of in the stream and put it in my pocket.

I got tired and realized I stayed here for an hour; it hit me that I had to go home. Might as well go to work and pick something up for dinner.

I walked for about and half an hour to my work place. I opened the door and ordered something for me and Saria. I sat down waiting for my order. This place takes a long time for the food to get ready and its supposed to have fast serves.

I started playing with my keys, and then I heard someone clear their throat. There was Shay.

“Hey, we met yesterday,” he said.

“Yeah, I remember,” I said, I mentally slapped myself for being stupid.


“Do you want to sit? I am just waiting for my meal to get done.”

“Yeah me, too. This place takes forever when you’re not working.”

“Ha, thanks. I just got promoted today, just because of that.”

I felt a cold drink spill all over me. I looked up to see the person I hate the most. The one who ruined my life, Brit. “I’m so sorry! It slipped!” she said, suppressing a laugh, “but since you’re already covered in it, why don’t you just clean the rest up?”

“Hey slut! Why don’t you just grow up, and leave her the hell alone,” Shay yelled at her.

“Aw, sticking up for your sluty girlfriend? Did you know she slept with most of the school? Best of all she has an ugly ass kid.”

“She is not ugly and I only slept with one guy, unlike you! I’m sorry he loved me and not you! He died in fucking car crash and you know that! It’s his child, too! So shut the hell up and get out of here,” I yelled at her.

“And who is going to make me?”

“Me. Now get the hell out of her!” the manager said. Man, I love her!

“Fine. Bye, slut. Bye, cutie,” she winked at Shay. I wanted to throw up. Oh shit! Shay! I forgot he was there.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry you had to see that,” I said, embarrassed, “I was going to tell you but I thought it wasn’t a good time. You probably don’t want to see me anymore-” He covered my mouth and began to speak.

“I don’t care if you have a child. I believe that you’re not a slut like that one girl is. I would love to see you again,” he removed his hand and leaned in, “I think you are the most beautiful, smart, funny girl I ever meet.” Our lips were an inch apart.


“Number twenty-five your order is ready.” a worker called out. I pulled away and said, “I have to go. Maybe we can go out sometime.”

“Sure just give a call anytime,” he smiled.

I can’t believe I almost kissed him

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