Why me?

She lost the love of her life, but gained a child. Join her on her roller coaster of a life.


17. Sixteen

I was at the mall with Brielle, my mom, and Linda. We were shopping for dresses for my graduation in a couple days. Exactly two more days! I didn’t know which collage to go to yet. I can’t wait to move on from this life. I am going to take a year off and get my life together before I actually go somewhere different. “How about this one?” Brielle held up a dress.

“Not too formal, I want something that I feel comfy in,” I explained.

“This one?” Linda held up another. I shook my head no.

“How about this one?” my mother said while holding the most beautiful dress. My eyes lit up. “That one is perfect!” I practically yelled.

“Go try it on!” everyone pushed me into a dressing room. It was kind of tough But once I finally got it all zipped up, I went out and stood on the platform. Their eyes were in awe. I turned around. I was shocked. I looked so beautiful. It was perfect. I looked back at Linda and my mother. They were crying. “Why are you guys crying?” I asked worryingly.

“You are just so beautiful!” Linda exclaimed.

“I can’t believe I missed out on your life but now I get to see my baby girl graduate!” my mother cried harder. I went and hugged her.

“I understand. I forgave you. I love you mom.”

“I love you too,-” she got cut off. “Are you buying the dress?” a teller asked behind us.

“Yes we are,” I told her. She nodded her head. We went and bought the dress and walked to the food court. I wait at a table with Brielle talked about random things. I really had something important to tell them. I haven’t even told Shay yet. Mom and Linda walked to the table and laughed. I found out they were friends in high school. Linda had to move away and lost touched with each other. The year she came back in town Linda meet dad. That’s where it all started. They became best friends again. Everything is getting better. We all started to eat. It’s now or never. “Guys I have tell you something important,” I began. I looked around them. Linda and my mom had a confused, worried face, while Brielle has a weird face I couldn’t explain. I continued, “Well, um, I have big news. It may or not shock you guys.”

“Get out with it,” Brielle said, then her eyes went wide, “you aren’t, are you?”

“Actually I am,” I whispered, afraid of her reaction.

“Does Shay know?”


“Oh my goodness, you are! This is exciting!” Linda and my mom were confused even more.

“You are pregnant with Shays baby! I am so happy for you! When are you going to tell him?”

“Well, actually I think he just found out.” My mom said. I looked behind me and saw Shay standing there with Joshua wide eyed. I stood there nervousness rising up in my stomach. He didn’t say anything for a couple minutes. We all just stood or sat there awkwardly. Shay spoke up, “Is it true? You are pregnant? With my baby?”

“Yes,” I whispered barely audible.

“Oh my, I can’t believe this.”

“I understand if-” I got caught off. He kissed me. “This is the best thing I heard ever!” he said excitedly. He had the biggest grin on his face; I smiled, letting all the fear and nervousness wash out of me. He picked me up and spun me around. This is amazing! I feel like on top of the world right now.

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