Why me?

She lost the love of her life, but gained a child. Join her on her roller coaster of a life.


2. One

I’ll remember that night for the rest of my life. That was the day I lost the love of my life, Trey. That was also the day I found out that I was pregnant with his baby. I am happy that she survived the horrid accident. I looked upon the sweet little face of my baby girl. She was sleeping peacefully in her crib.

It’s been three years since his death and the people closest to him came to his funeral. The only person that didn’t come was his older brother. Trey told me he had a fight with their parents and he never wanted to see them again. Of course he sent Trey presents on every holiday and Trey does the same. Trey always says such sweet things about him, and always bragged about being taller than his older brother.

I was sitting on my bed playing with the promise ring he gave me that night. I felt my checks get wet, then I realized I was crying. I missed him. I heard Saria cry from her crib. She is my life now, she needs me the most, I cannot forget that.

I am seventeen now and I still go to school. I still live with my dad and I pay rent. I want to do that so I can help out my dad but he only lets me pay him thirty dollars a month. I got a job at Mc Donald’s close by my house. I bring Saria there sometimes and everyone loves her.

Her birthday is next week same day on Treys. It makes me sad that she is never going to know her father. Once Saria stopped crying I put her back in her crib, then I checked the time, seven thirty-two, almost time for school. I took a shower and got ready for the day. Luckily, it was Friday but I still had to work right after school. Saria woke up again, but she was laughing. Confused, I went to my room, and saw my dad playing with her.

“Hey, honey, how are you dear?” my dad asked.

“I’m fine dad. How are you?” I asked back. He has always asked me that after Treys death, so I’m used to it.

“Fine. What time do you think you would be home to night?”

“Around six or seven. Going on The big date?”


My dad been dating a girl named Linda for about a year. She is really nice to me and Saria. She is already like a mother to me. Dad is going to pop the big question to night! I am so happy for him.

I walked through the school doors. I have no friends. I have a daughter, so everyone thinks I’m a slut. I only had sex with one guy, Trey. I miss him so much. He would’ve protected me from these horrid people. I only just stepped a foot into the door and I already tripped, well someone tripped me. I dusted myself and walked away. I didn’t want to know who did it this time, but like a lot of things, I’m used to it.

I just went to class. No one likes me since Trey’s death. They all think it’s my fault that he died. I believe it, too. The only people who are nice to me are his friends. They know what’ve I been through and I hardly see them around anymore. Most of them moved before the school year. So, I was forced to get used to being alone.

I wanted to graduate a year early. So now, I would have been a junior, but I am now a senior. That is another reason people don’t like me. I am a ‘geek’. I really don’t care what people think anymore. No one in the senior class really pays attention to the younger classmen. So I hope no one will pick on me in my classes.

I went to my first class. No one noticed me so I relaxed a little, quickly sat in the empty seat in the back and luckily, the class was boring and quick. No one talked to me. When I got to my locker to find some notes on it. I read one of the many notes.

Dear Slut,

 Hope you have fun fucking every guy in the school.

Maybe you won’t get pregnant this time.

 I felt tears sting my eyes. All the notes said the same thing. Whore, slut, why did Trey die instead of you? All these notes said the same things. I just threw them away. Maybe I should just die. Why did Trey die? I wish he was still here. Maybe it is my fault that he died.

I got the stuff I needed for my next few classes, waiting for the school day to end. I was walking with my head down, and just my luck, I ran into somebody. Not just anybody. Brit. She hated me since fifth grade. Ever since Trey liked me instead of her. “Oh, look at the whore. She likes to lie on her back,” Brit laughed.

I’ve just stood up and picked up my books, walking away. Then, I heard her call out, “He should have lived not you and you ugly baby! Nobody wants you here! Just go die.”

I had enough of this. She was the reason no one likes me. She turned everyone against me right after Trey’s death. I slammed my books on the ground. “You know what, Brit? I am not a whore, or a slut! My baby has nothing to do with you. You are just jealous that Trey loved me and you couldn’t do anything about it! If it weren’t for that stupid semi running, into the car he could have lived! Do you really think I wanted him to die? If I could change, that I would have died, not him! I miss him with all my heart! I want to die but I can’t. I have to take care of mine and Trey’s baby!”   

I picked my books back up and walk to my next class; Leaving everyone speechless. I never stood up for myself for over two years. After that, the day went by fast.

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