Why me?

She lost the love of her life, but gained a child. Join her on her roller coaster of a life.


6. Five

I woke up to the sun blaring in my face. I got up, took a shower. I make birthday breakfast for Saria. I remembered what happened last night. I smiled while making a pancake into a smiley face and saw Linda and my dad come through the door. “Hi, sweetie,” said Linda.

“Hey, guys. What were you guys doing?” I asked.

“Nothing, just some stuff.” she trailed off.

I looked at her, then her arms that are behind her. She had the biggest smile on her face. I went back to making the smiley face, still looking at her. When I was done, I put it on the plate. Got the present from my room. I still see her the way I left her. I smile to myself, and walk to Saria’s room. I picked her out of her crib. I need to get her a real bed. She was half asleep, when I put her down in the chair. I grabbed Linda and pulled out her hand. There, I saw the most beautiful ring, I’ve ever seen. I almost busted with joy. I jumped up and down, and hugged her. I am so happy for her. “He finally did it! I guess, he isn’t a chicken after all,” I said, scream the last part.

“He still is,” she whispered.

I laughed and walked back into the kitchen to see Saria with syrup all over her mouth. I giggled and cleaned her up. I was about to clean up the mess she left, when I heard the doorbell. “I’ll get it,” I called.

There I saw big box. It was address to Saria. Wow, who would do this? Must be one of my coworkers. They love her. I carried the box in and put it near the other presents. Them I called everyone into the room for present time.

Saria ripped every present open. She got everything she wanted, which was mostly toys. Now all there was left was the mystery person’s presents. I found out that it wasn’t one of my coworkers; all of their names were on the other twenty presents she got. She ripped it open. It was a bed. And a card was in the box.

I saw that you needed a bigger bed.

Happy birthday Saria!

From, Shay

That was so sweet of him; I am going to call him. I went over to the phone and dialed his number. “Hello?”

“Hey, Shay! Thank you so much, for the bed for Saria! She loves it,” I told him.

“No problem. I am happy to give it to her.”

“Well, do you want to come over?”

“Um, sure.”

“Okay, great! See you in a few, bye.”

“See you, bye.”

I hung up and turned around. I saw Linda with a smirk. “Who was that? A boy?” she asked.       

“Someone and yes he is a boy,” I told her.

“Is he someone special?”

“No, he’s just a friend.”

“By that smile, I think he is.”

I just walked away, embarrassed, and was I cleaning up the living room when I heard the door bell. I went to go answer it, thinking it was Shay. Man, I was way off. To my surprise it was Tray’s parents.

“Hey Mrs. and Mr. Frye. What are you doing here?” I asked a little surprise.

“We can’t see our own grandchild? We brought cake and a present for Saria,” Mrs. Frye said, “why so surprised, dear?”

            “No reason, except that you never come on Saria’s birthday, and the fact you don’t like me very much.”

“We want to be in our grandchild’s life,” Mr. Frye said sternly.

I let them in, and led them to Saria’s room. She was playing with her toys; I smiled and picked her up. I introduced Saria to them then I heard the doorbell, again. I left them, and answered the door. It was Shay! I gave him a big hug, and whispered, “Thank God, you’re here!”

“Yeah, I am here,” he hugged back, “and you’re so happy!’

“Yeah, I don’t have to be alone with Saria’s grandparents. They hate me!”

“No one can hate you.”

“Ha thanks, but they do.”

I led him into the kitchen, where dad and Linda was. They gave me a questionable look. “Dad, Linda, This is Shay,” I said. Linda smiled and winked at me, while dad looked at him the same way he looked at Trey when he first met him.

“Hello, Shay,” Linda said, shaking his hand, “I’m Linda.”

“And I’m her dad,” my dad just said, and walked over to him, “hurt my daughter, I hurt you, got that?”

“I wouldn’t even think of it, sir.”

My dad finally nodded and shook his hand. Linda smiled even bigger. “Hey, darling, where is something to clean up this little girls face?” I heard Mrs. Frye ask.

I walked into Saria’s room to see her with chocolate all over her face. I sighed, and pick her and washed her face. It took me a couple minutes to clean her, there was chocolate everywhere. Then went back to her room, it also had chocolate everywhere. I was half way done, when I heard, “What are you doing here?”

I cleaned up the rest of the mess, and walked into the kitchen. I see Shay, Mr. and Mrs. Frye glaring at each other. “How do you guys know each other?” I asked.

“Those are Saria’s grandparents?” he asked. Ignoring my question.

“”Yeah, and again, how do you guys know each other?”

“This little piece of trash used to be our son,” Mrs. Frye said.

“Used to be?”

“Yeah, they disowned me.”

“Um, Mrs. And Mr. Frye, I think it’s time you go,” my dad cut in.

“Why should we go? We are not the ones that who ruined this family!”

“Actually, I think it’s for the better.”


They left, while slamming the door. I was shocked. Shay was Trays brother. Tray was Shay’s brother. Shay is Saria’s uncle. I stood, completely still, shocked, I couldn’t move or speak. I felt overwhelmed, dizzy, and light headed; I felt my knees give out. I remembered last was being shacked and hearing, “Please, be okay”.

I woke up feeling something cold on my head. I sat up, looking around shocked that I was in my living room. I heard talking in the other room so I went over and peeked. I saw Shay, my dad, and Linda. “Why were you and your parents fighting?” dad asked.

“We had a disagreement, when I was younger,” He scoffed, “But then again, we didn’t agree at anything. I tried coming for Tray’s funeral but they wouldn’t let me,” Shay answered, sounding disgusted.

“Why happened? Why did they disown you?”

“They hate me. They didn’t like the way I ‘turned out', so they just kicked me out.”

“Anything else?”

“Before they kicked me out, they found out-” Suddenly, I lost my balanced and knocked something over, causing them to all look at me with surprise.

“Honey, you’re supposed to be lying down,” Linda said, helping me up.

“I woke up and wanted something to drink, but slipped and fell,” I lied.

“Um, okay, honey, let’s go to the kitchen.” walking into the kitchen, Linda looked at me and asked, “So, where did you end up meeting Trey’s brother?” I thought to myself, recollecting everything that just happened. “I met him at work. I knew he reminded me of Trey. I just didn’t think he would be related to him!”

“Well,” Linda started to say, “I wasn’t expecting that either.” I got a drink of water and made my way back to my dad and Shay. I was about to walk in, but I stopped when I heard them talking.

“They didn’t approve of the way I wanted to live my own life and not do what they had planned for me. One night, we got into this huge fight, and they told me if I wasn’t going to go on and get my law degree, to get out of their house and find a living of my own.”

“What did you want to do?” my dad asked.

“I wanted to play my acoustic guitar around the world and raise money for charity.” I thought that was the sweetest thing. It reminded me of Trey. Him and his brother seem so alike. I don’t know if I could handle that much. I really like him though. I decided to walk in and stop the conversation. I wanted to talk to Shay on my own. “Hey guys.”

“Hey sweetheart. How are you feeling?”

            “Better. Can I talk to Shay for a minute?”


We walked outside. I turn to him and was about to say something, but he stopped me. “I want to apologize for my parents. They always hate the things I wanted to do. I am sorry that I ruined your day and Saria’s birthday. I knew my parents were right about me, I ruin everything. I might as well just leave-” I cut him off by kissing him, and told him, “You didn’t ruin anything. It was your parents, not you, okay?”

“Okay,” he said, looking down.

“Come back inside its almost time for Saria to go to bed, and we still need to put up the new bed you gave her.”

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