Why me?

She lost the love of her life, but gained a child. Join her on her roller coaster of a life.


20. Epilogue

*Third person*

        It was bright morning, while a woman answered the phone. She fell to the floor hearing the devastating news. Her husband came onto the room confused and he asked her what wrong. Once, he too, heard the news his heart broke.

       He's only daughter is gone, with her fiancé. Just because someone else's mistake. He crumpled to the floor next to his wife and just held her. They both, cried until nightfall.

        The next morning they packed their bags to go to their lost loves funeral. They went to the funeral home. There she was resting peacefully, he once again broke down crying heart broken. His only daughter gone with a flash. He looked at her fiancé. He too looked peaceful.

"I will always love you, kiddo," he whispered and kissed his daughters head.

        An hour later and he was staring at the ground where they buried them. Right next to her daughter, Saria. They were gone way too soon. They still had a life. He had to go soon. He needs to get their stuff then his grandchildren.

        They went to look at their old home of his lost daughter and her fiancé. They looked around the home. They knew they had to pack their belongings.

                They brought in the boxes and put everything in the car. It took a couple hours to get everything out of the house and into the car. They wanted to get their grandchildren from the hospital. It was amazing that they survived the horrid accident.

        They went to the hospital and picked them up. They were adopting them. It would be good for them to be with their biological family, they thought. When they got there, they went up to the desk to ask them where they can pick up their grandchildren. They lady behind the desk checked in the computer about the babies. When she saw what popped up on the computer. She had a sorry look on her face.

        "I’m so sorry, Sir, and mam, they already got adopted," she explained.

        "By whom," the husband asked heartbroken.

        "By, Mr. Frye. The babies other grandfather. Do you know him sir?"

        They couple was shocked. That man was a horrible man. Why would they let the babies be adopted by him? He was so shocked he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t think. He needed them in a safe place far away from that man.

        He needed to get out of that place. He ran to the only place he could think of. His daughter grave. He got there and fell to his knees. He read the grave engravment.

Aria Emery Caverly


Shay Gavin Frye

True love will never die,

Their love will be alive through their children.

He needs to get his grandchildren away from that horrid man, and he will do whatever it takes.

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