Why me?

She lost the love of her life, but gained a child. Join her on her roller coaster of a life.


9. Eight

“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Frye,” I said when they answered the door.

“Hello darling, what are you doing here?” Mr. Frye asked, and then looked at Shay, “oh you’re with him aren’t you?”

“Yeah I asked her if she wanted to come and she said yes, dad,” Shay said, his voice strained at the word dad.

“Well come in you two.” said Mrs. Frye, walking in front of her husband.

We walked in. The place looks the same when the last time I came in here. The only difference was that there were no pictures of Trey anymore. Only pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Frye. Did they forget their son? Why would they do this?

“I am going to the bathroom,” I walked past Shay, Mr. and Mrs. Frye and headed upstairs. Trey’s bedroom was next to the bathroom. So I walked into what used to Trey’s bedroom and saw a guest room. Whatever presence of Tray’s things was gone. It has a bigger bed, a dark brown dresser, and the walls were painted white. His room used to be covered in posters, and underneath the posters was black paint. His bed was smaller with a deep red comforter, and there used to be a desk that was covered in books same with a large book shelf that was full of books, photo albums and his sketchbooks. He always wanted to become an artist, but his parents didn’t want that for him, they wanted him to become an executive or a lawyer. So, he always hide his sketches in his bookshelf. Now that was gone. Everything that was his was gone. What kind of parent would do this to their child’s room?

“What have they done? This was his room!” Shay said, coming out from behind me, “I can’t believe they did this. This was the only thing he had when was here. Now there is nothing left. Nothing.”

“I don’t know why they did this, but it’s wrong,” my voice cracked while I spoke.

He walked towards me and hugged me. Tears burned my eyes once more. Why would they do this? Shay let go of me and ran out the room, yelling, “Mom! Dad! What did you do to Trey’s room?”

“What do you mean?” she said innocently. I walked towards the stairs, to see Shay looking at his parents. He was pissed off. “You changed it. It looks nothing like Trey’s room before.”

“We made it better looking. His room was a mess with those stupid posters, all those books, and horrid sketches.”

“They were not horrid!” I yelled, coming down the stairs, “He was the best artist I knew. Those were the only things that he had left that he poured his heart and soul in. Where are they?”

“It was a good hobby but he was not going to make anything out of it.”

“Again, I ask, where are they?”

“In the garage.”

I stormed into the garage, immediately catching sight at two boxes marked Trey’s Junk. I opened one and saw all of his posters, books and sketches. I opened the other and saw all of his clothes. I picked up the one filled with his passions and carried it in the house. Shay helped by grabbing the other box and together set them inside of the house. “Well, what are you going to do with his stuff?” Mr. Frye, asked leaning against the wall.

“We are going to take them, Father. Or should I even call you that?” Shay practically snarled, not daring to look at him.

“I am your father…”

“Sure,” I snapped, cutting him off, “Who would get rid of their dead sons stuff, shoving them into boxes marked junk? Oh don’t forget getting rid of every picture they have of their family. Do you even care that you lost both of your sons?!”

He ignored me and turned to Shay. “Well we lost you because you are so stupid. You wanted to pursue something that would never happen, and you also got some whore pregnant.”

Before I could retort, Shay cut in, his voice like ice. “I loved her! She lost the baby and got so depressed that she jumped off a bridge! It crushed me that she left like that! She is not a whore and neither is-”

Mrs. Frye stepped between them, cutting them both off. “That’s enough!” She turned to Shay, “You and your little date should leave and never return. What you are to this family is nothing more than a disappointment. I am glad we disowned you the second we got a chance,” Before we could respond, she shoved Shay and me out the door.

Seconds of silence ticked by before we started walking, Then Shay cut the silence short. “I’m so sorry you had to see that.” Shay said, “I am stupid that I actually thought they cared for us. I thought they would change after all this time.”

“Shay, they never were going to change. Not even from the start. You don’t need to apologize, they do. And even if they did, I wouldn’t forgive them.” I hugged him again, “Can you tell me about the girl that you used to love?’ and I felt his body tense badly going soft as he hugged back.

A flash of hurt flashed crossed his eyes and sighed. “Yes, follow me. I will tell you only when we are far, but not here.” He grabbed my hand and led me to the park. I hadn’t been to this park in years; I used to come here with my dad when I was younger. Shay sat down on a swing and I sat in the one next to him.

He sighed again. “Her name was Eva. I met her freshmen year. She was the most amazing person I knew. It only took one glance and I knew I was in love with her. I asked her out and surprisingly, she said yes. It was our first time together on one of our special dates. It proved my love for her and a month later we found out she was pregnant. We were the happiest we could be, until my parents found out. They said I was a disgrace to the family and disowned me. I moved in with Eva, since I had nowhere else to go. Her parents accepted me. After an ultrasound we found out the baby was going to be a girl. We were so happy to have a baby girl. A month later, she lost the baby.” His voice began to crack as he went on. I left the swing and hugged him as he continued. “She fell into a deep depression; she wouldn’t eat or sleep. She was a shell of the girl I loved. All she did was sit down and stare at the wall all day. One day, I had to go to work early and her parents weren’t there to watch her. She walked to the bridge that’s close to her house... bridge that was a thirty foot drop… and jumped,” his voice strained as he continued, “She died from whiplash; it happened a day after I found out what happened to Trey. I couldn’t understand why this was happening.”  He shuddered burying his face into my shoulder. His shacking sobs told me he was crying. It was a struggle not to cry with him. “I don’t understand why this happens… I lost two important people in my life… not even a day apart.”

I couldn’t take it. A sob escaped from me as I pulled him closer. I hugged him with all my might then I pulled away, “You are not disappointment. You are great person no matter what.” I looked at him in the eyes and we both leaning in and with our tears, I felt right being in his arms. I love him more than I ever thought before

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