Baby sittng

When Alice finds out that her father helped out Simon with things he sent her to go babysit one direction for the whole summer and she's only 18! She thinks its gonna be a hard job to do find out what happens


2. whats first



Harry's POV

The lads and I looked at the girl waiting for her to say here name "Oh! And I'm Alice!" She said. "What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl!" I said. She smiled at me and I smiled back. The lads and I then smiled at her. "So what do you boys wanna do?" She asked. "Let's drive to Nandos!" Niall said. "Yeah we are in London!" Louis said. "Alright let's go then." She replied. Louis wanted to drive but instead we let Liam drive. I sat next to Alice was extremely hot. She looked at me and she caught  me starring at her. Crap, I whispered. She looked at me weirdly.


Alice's POV

LoL I just caught Harry starring at me was there something on my shirt? I looked at my shirt no... Was there something on my face? I got my mirror out of my purse and checked no.. So what was it? I put lipstick on and some powder on and was finished. I put my stuff back in my purse. Harry looked at me again. Ah wth did I put too much powder on or lipstick! Harry starred at me funny. "You know I was only starring at you cause you're extremely hot." Harry whispered in my ear. Oh so I did that for nothing! I yelled to myself.

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