Baby sittng

When Alice finds out that her father helped out Simon with things he sent her to go babysit one direction for the whole summer and she's only 18! She thinks its gonna be a hard job to do find out what happens


3. Nandos



Niall's POV 

We finally got to Nandos! *Sigh* "Finally!" I yelled. "Were you that hungry?!" Alice asked. "Like yeah!" I replied back in a sassy tone. "Lets get inside now." I whined. "Ok lets go and eat." Lou said. "Alright then C'mon C'mon!" Harry yellled singing the song. We walked in and we got seated at a table in the corner. I odered alot of things as usual and Alice only got two things. It was really sighlent, then Alice said, "I work here. . . .-.." She said awkwardly. "Oh really?" Harry asked suprised. "Yup I only work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednsday!" She said cheerfully. One of the waitresses noticed her and said 'hi' to Alice. The waitress took our oders and left when we were finished ordering. "I'm soo hungry!" I whined/yelled. "Aren't you always?" Louie asked and laughed. They all laughed but i had a serious face on.


Liam's POV 

We all laughed at Louie's joke,  the the food came. "FINALLY!!!" Niall yelled in a happyish voice.

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