Baby sittng

When Alice finds out that her father helped out Simon with things he sent her to go babysit one direction for the whole summer and she's only 18! She thinks its gonna be a hard job to do find out what happens


4. Beautiful



Harrys POV

I kept on starring at Alice because she was just so beautiful. I already like her this has never ever happened before. I get smacked right out of my thoughts when the food came. "FINALLY." Niall yells. We finished up our food and get back into the car. I sat next to Alice and she just smiled at me and turned away from me. I loved her so so much! I hope shell like me back some time.



Nialls POV

Harry kept on starring at Alice the whole time. Did he like her or something or was it something else? "Hmm." I groaned. "Are we there yet!" I yelled. "Yes we're here Niall!' Liam replied. I smiled. I went in the house and ran upstairs and into my bedroom. I closed the door and fell asleep.

Alice POV

As soon as we got inside I fell onto the couch, but I sat on someone's lap. I saw Harry behind me and I jumped, but he pulled me back down onto his lap. I did a glare at him, but unfortunately he didn't give a crap about it. I tried to get up many times but his grip got tighter and tighter all the boys besides Harry went to bed so it was just us two. I eventually ended up sleeping on his lap.


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