Baby sittng

When Alice finds out that her father helped out Simon with things he sent her to go babysit one direction for the whole summer and she's only 18! She thinks its gonna be a hard job to do find out what happens


5. A day together



Harry's POV

As soon as Alice went fell asleep I carried her bridal style up the stairs I put her in my bed and I got in myself. The next morning I left a note on the bed saying,

                                                             Dear Alice,

        I hope you had a wonderful start at being out babysitter yesterday! Come downstairs when you're ready to eat breakfast!!! ~Hazza ;)


Alices POV 

I woke up and groaned and found a note on my bed as soon as I was finished reading it I figured that I might of have been in Harry's room. "Hmm." I sai. I got up and went to his shower and striped down and took a shower. I took a towel and went to go in his bedroom again to go back to mine but I saw Harry sitting on the bed he looked up and I started to blush. "Uhm." He said. He then started to blush too and we were in that awkward moment. I ran to my bedroom and picked out a nice summer dress and put it on I brushed my teeth and everything and went back to Harry's bedroom. "Sorry bout that love." Harry said scratching his neck blushing still. "Ahh its okay." I replied smiling at him. I handed his towel and he pulled me to him. "What do you want Styles!" I yelled at him. He then put his head in my neck and I tried to push him off. "Mmm." Harry hummed on me.


Harry's POV

I felt like kissing Alice. It felt something for her I had feelings for her I Wish that I was hers forever! I wanted to be with her forever and always! She looked at me with that look says 'Are you serious' I just smiled more. I like that it made me want her more. She pushed me off and left my room. Hmm playing hard to get, I said to myself. I'm gonna win your heart for sure! I'm not giving up!

      A/N Hey you guys sorry if REALLY boring I didn't have any ideas so far so yeah!!! My next update maybe tomorrow not so sure I'll make sure its not boring this time okay BYE BYE

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