Wings Are Made To Fly

Wings Danforth is the girl nobody cares about. The girl classed as a loser by everyone. The girl nobody talks to. Her dad is too busy to see all the tears shed. The only person who understood her was her mother. But she's dead now. No one see's her pain. No one is there for her. The only thing that keeps her going is the last sentence her mother said "Wings are made to fly".


1. Wings Are Made To Fly

I've always been a loser. Loser. I'm a big fat loser. With a capital L. Nobody loves me. Nobody cares. No one see's all the pain and suffering I've been made to suffer. No one see's the real me. The real girl inside. To everyone I'm a piece of  toy. A toy they can play with, and break. A unwanted piece of toy. That they can break. No one even likes me. Not even my own father. He is too busy with his business, and money. He has no time for me. The only person I had was my mother. But she died a year ago. She had cancer. I was always able to co-operate with the bullying. But nowadays I just want to die. I just want to curl up in a ball and die. I miss my mother so much. I remember her telling me, I'm beautiful. But now I realize it's a lie. I have dirty brown hair, and bright blue eyes that everyone says glares at them. I look hideous. I am hideous.

My mother holds my hand. She brushes a strand of my brown hair. She smiles at me, with the same bright blue eyes as mine. Mother holds my cheek, and smiles at me.

"You're so beautiful Wings." my mother tells me.

"Really!" I exclaim.

"Yes. You are so beautiful. You are also kind, gentle, caring. You know mummy loves you." mother tells me.

I wipe a tear that trickles down my face. I needed my mother so much. Especially right now. I strap my pale blue rucksack to my back. I watch the school come closer. I walk towards it. Then walk through the gates. I look around. I see girls and boys running to there friends. Everyone going to there friends. Except me. I have no friends. I finger my mother locket, that I wore around my neck. That made me believe that my mother was still there. That she was there right this moment. That she would always be with me.

"Wings" a familiar high pitched voice exclaims.

Yes, I know. My name is Wings. Quite funny, I know. I mean who would name there daughter Wings. My mother named me Wings. She said that I was delicate, and someone who would be glorious. Wings means glory. A name which doesn't suit me. I don't bring glory anywhere.

I turn my head around, and then spot her. Sophia Merton. With her wild man of glossy blonde hair, and striking dark blue eyes. Everyone knows that Sophia is the queen bee of the school. She wears a tiny mini skirt, which looks ridicolous on her. She's always hated me.  Since the first day I  found out my dad was in love with her mom.  Now after they are married. Sophia is my step sister. I  thought the hate would stop. But she hates me even more now. She says it's my fault there together. Sophia likes my father, and always tells me that he loves her more then me. I say no, but inside I know it's true.

Sophia pulls a strand of my dirty brown hair. I yelp in pain, tears trickling down my face. I shove Sophia on the floor. She falls on the floor, and starts screaming. My father walks in, his phone in his hand.

"What is going on?" he shouts, then spots Sophia on the floor.

My father helps Sophia up, and wipes her tear.

"What happened?" my father asked.

"She." I began to say.

"She pushed me." Sophia shouted, pointing to me.

My father looks at Sophia, then back at me in anger. His brown rises, his light blue eyes pierce into me.

"Wings, why did you push her?" my father questioned.

"She hit me first!" I  exclaimed.

"Did you Sophia?" my father asks.

"No. She pushed me. She said that you and mummy don't like me, and that you hate me. That I  should die." Sophia lies, sobbing.

"I didn't." I protest.

I look at my father. He could not believe her, could he. Why couldn't he see the truth Why couldn't he see that Sophia was the devil? I stare at my father, and see him staring back at me. he had to see. He just had to. My light blue eyes meet his.

"Wings!" my father shouted.

"I didn't do anything." I sob.

"That was horrible. Telling Sophia that we don't love her. We love her very much. Much more then you. You are a horrid  brat, that no one loves." my father shouted, shoving me on the floor.

I fall on the floor, tears trickle down my face. My eyes stare at Sophia. Who smirks at me, and wipes her tears. She holds my father hand, and sticks her tounge at me. I stare at her in anger, watching my father choose her, instead of me.

"Hi Wings!" Sophia exclaims. Her two best friends. Emma and Charlotte stand by her side. They are all blonde, and look like total sluts. They smirk at me. I sometimes think, that maybe Emma and Charlotte only be horribe to be because of Sophia.  They don't say much. Except say yes, and nod to whatever Sophia says.

"What do you want Sophia?" I ask.

"What's that?" Sophia shouts, pointing to my mother locket.

"That's my mother locket." I answer, wanting to be anywhere but here.

"I want it, give it!" Sophia shouted, lunging for my locket.

I struggle against her, and watch the locket snap. My eyes stare as the locket falls on the floor, and breaks. I bend to the floor, and pick the locket up. I open the locket, and stare at my mother's photo. Her chestnut brown hair around her face. Her warm brown eyes staring into the camera. She smiles into the photo. I pick the photo up, and hold it to my heart. Tears trickle down my face. I sob in pain. Sophia smirks at me. Then snatches my mother photo. She inspects in, and stares at me in disgust.

"Who is that dirty little piece of shit?" Sophia shouted.

"She's not shit. That't my beautiful mother. Who I love very much." I protest.

"I knew that. Who else but that whore mother could give birth to a ugly piece of shit like you" Sophia shouted.

I wanted to shot back. Then noticed everyone was looking at her. Sophia held up my mother's photo, and ripped it up. I watch the pieces fall on the floor. My whole world came tumbling down. I held the ripped up pieces, and sobbed. Sophia smirked at me, thinking the whole thing was funny. I screamed in agony. The only thing that I had left of my mother was gone. Tears splashed down my cheek. Don't cry Wings. I  tell myself. Don't cry. Be strong. Be brave. Sophia's only doing this, to destory your life. First it was small things. Now, it's gone too far. I stand up, and glare at Sophia menacingly.

"I've had enough Sophia. No more of you destorying my life. What did I do but become your sister? Do you think it was my fault. My father married my mother, or that he cares for you more then me. ENOUGH!" I shout.

"Oh look, little wings has had enough" Sophia mocks in a high pitched voice.

"Just leave her" Charlotte muttered.

"No, she deserves it. She deserves all this pain" Sophia shouted angrily.

"ENOUGH" I shout.

"What you had enough little wings. Well too bad. I haven't." Sophis shouted, her voice echoign around the room.

"Wings are made to fly!" I exclaimed, punching Sophia in the face.

Sophia held her hand to her nose. Blood trickled down from her nose. Her dark blue eyes stares at me. Tears trickled down her face.

"Wings are made to fly!" I shout, shoving Sophia on the floor.

Then turn around. I hold the remaining pieces of my mother photo, and hold it tightly. My mother words comes to my mind. "Wings are made to fly".


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