"Lou, the cameras are gone now" "Exactly"

Jada Young is Eleanor Calder's sister. No, they don't have the same last name. Ella has had a rough life living without a mom. Her dad abused her and didn't care for her. Until one day she's pulled into a van right off the street and told she would be paid to be Louis fake girlfriend, because Eleanor is about to die, even though she's seventeen. She majored in Spanish and finished high school early with college credits. She talks to the boys in Spanish, but little did she know 'someone's always watching.'


4. Chapter 4

We all follow Louis while shaking our heads at his childish ways. We climb into a black Range rover similar to the one I road in a few hours ago.

"Ok, We have an interview for the perfume tomorrow and," Liam's voice trails off as he looks at his phone, "Nothing to do Sunday."

But I'm too distracted to listen to him. I see a girl, no more than 15, standing on the road in what seemed like a worn nightgown. She had pale, almost translucent skin and jet black hair and is stunningly gorgeous. She seemed to be watching me. Just me. There was something weird about her, something different.

"J, Jada,JADA!" says Niall who is sitting by me.

"J, what were you looking at?" He continues.

"I was looking at the girl on the side of the road." I say looking out of the window again.

"hmm, I didn't see her. Probably just a fan" He says waving it off

All of the long trip to the place we are eating at, I couldn't get my mind off the girl. Finally after what seemed like hours we finally arrived at Piccolino in Manchester.

"Jada, just stay close to me, don't say anything and don't sign anything. Ok?" Louis says bracing himself for the group of fans who were crowding around the vehicle.

I nod my head and pull on the handle.


 Right as we jump out of the car we are surrounded with people holding out journals and pieces paper and asking for pictures. After a few pictures with teenage girls, some about my age, we force our way inside to a whole new group of people like reporters.


The restaurant has a warm feel to it. We wander around winding around through the mostly empty tables finally ending at a table in the corner. We slide in picking up menus and  I cring at the prices. Harry is to the right of me and Louis the left. A waitress named Amy takes our drink orders and scurries off to the kitchen. Meanwhile something catches my eye.


On the other side of the street I see the same girl but now she has an umbrella and a red trench coat and sitting on the bench, again, motionless. I snap back to reality when the waitress hands me my drink.

I sit on Sprite and listen too the awkward silence. Perrie, who came with us, breaks the silence with a question.

"So, how is it different here than from America, Ella?"

"Um, driving on the opposite side is weird, I guess." Trying to imitate Eleanor's accent.

"How is Little Mix holding up?" Asks Zayn.

"You should know" Harry mumbles.

Zayn glares at Harry as Perrie answers.

"Fine! We have a tour coming up that I'm excited for."

"Cool" Zayn says.


I returns to silence. Then the food comes filling the table. We eat in quiet because we're all starving. I feel something touch my knee and squeeze. I almost choke and look at Louis who is slurping up spaghetti. Harry snorts beside me. I take a side glance over to him as he tales a bite of his steak with a cheeky half smile.

I slap him in the leg under the table.

"Feisty" he says

I'd love to say that it was the alcohol that grabbed my knee, but he had lemonade to drink."I'm supposed to be LOUIS girlfriend, Not his!"  I think. I look up to see if anyone had seen him. Thankfully everyone was too hungry to notice.

After a good half hour the check comes and we head out the door only to be pushed back in by body guards.

"Go threw the back boys" one of them says.

With that, a waiter leads us through a dirty kitchen and out a back door to the same type of car but white.



Hello! It's around 3 A.M. now and I'm choosing writing over sleep so you better feel fucking special. I really don't like writing if no ones commenting about it so comment if you want me to keeps going with the story. I will update again when I have 15 views and get AT LEAST more two fans. So you, yes you right there, like, comment, and become a fan! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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