"Lou, the cameras are gone now" "Exactly"

Jada Young is Eleanor Calder's sister. No, they don't have the same last name. Ella has had a rough life living without a mom. Her dad abused her and didn't care for her. Until one day she's pulled into a van right off the street and told she would be paid to be Louis fake girlfriend, because Eleanor is about to die, even though she's seventeen. She majored in Spanish and finished high school early with college credits. She talks to the boys in Spanish, but little did she know 'someone's always watching.'


3. Chapter 3

I wake up to five figures looming over us with cheeky smiles. I look to my right and I see I'm on Harry's chest with his arms around me. I hit Harry in the face and he pulls me in tighter making everyone laugh. I slap him harder and he finally wakes up face to face with me. I see my chance to get up and take it. He, too, quickly gets up.

"Let's get some food!"

"Um, I think I'm going to head home."

"Do we have anything to do today?" Louis asks Liam.

"Um, we have a dinner tonight for the new perfume." he says checking his watch.

"Alright let's all get ready than."

"But it's like 12 o'clock!" I protest.

"Yes we know. OK we're going to go now. Ready Jada?"

Without waiting for an answer, he and I head out the door and to a black SUV. I hop in the front seat and he does the same.

Then after the silent car ride we turn into a big house with light green paint and white shutters. When we walk in there is a women washing some dishes.

"Which one is this, Harry"

"Mum, this is Jada, Eleanor's doppelganger. Jada this is Anne, My mum."

He leads me up to a room. "Will this be OK."

I'm speech less. The room is four times the size on mine in America. It has a king size bed with light green matching the house and black sheets. Hanging down from the high ceiling are white see though material with black ombre to the floor.

"Oh, umm..uhh, on yeah sure" I say snapping back to reality.

"Good my room is down the hall to the right. Your bath room is over there." He says pointing across the room. "And this" he says walking over to a closed door. "This is your closet. I hope you can find something to wear tonight."

The walk-in closet is filled with brightly colored shoes, purses, jewelry, scarves, you name it, it was there.

Just then, a girl about the age I am comes into the room and introduces herself.

"Hello, I'm Baily. I going to make you look exactly like your sister!" She says cheerfully.


When the long hours are past, I'm changed and have a face full of makeup, I go downstairs to find seven pairs of eyes gaping at me. "y-you look amazing" All heads nod in agreement.

"Onward then" says Louis.



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