"Lou, the cameras are gone now" "Exactly"

Jada Young is Eleanor Calder's sister. No, they don't have the same last name. Ella has had a rough life living without a mom. Her dad abused her and didn't care for her. Until one day she's pulled into a van right off the street and told she would be paid to be Louis fake girlfriend, because Eleanor is about to die, even though she's seventeen. She majored in Spanish and finished high school early with college credits. She talks to the boys in Spanish, but little did she know 'someone's always watching.'


2. Chapter 2

A.N. Yay! I just lost the next few chapters so I get to rewrite them! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


I wake up in a bed with my sister beside me.

"What the hell''

"shhhhhhhhhh. Let me explain"

    "This may come as a surprise to you, but the doctor told me a few days ago that I have lung cancer." She sniffles. "I need you to be Louis fake girlfriend and do what ever I have planned for the next couple weeks while I have the treatment done. You need to do interviews, public appearances, pretend to be in love with Louis, and what ever else. Can you do that?''

"No" I say flatly.

"I'll pay you. Now let's discuss Dad-"

"Don't worry about that. He won't even know I'm gone"

"Oh" An awkward silence falls over the room.

"Um, Where am I"

"Cheshire" She says nonchalantly

"What!? I have exams next week, and a job,and a cat!"

Eleanor nods to a man who speed walks out of the door.

"Oh I didn't think about that! You need to pay attention to my accent and the words I say that are different from America." She says completely ignoring my responsibilities.

After that, the man comes back through the door and nods to Eleanor.

"Alright" she says clapping her hands together.

"Time to meet the boys."

I sit up and find that I have a head ache and realize in front of me are five boys.

"Where will I stay?"

"Oh you can just rent an apartment if you like"

"I-I don't have any money" I say looking down at my hands.

I barley finish what I'm saying when a young man with dark curls pops up out of his chair and says

"She can stay at my place if you want" He says with a wink. I feel my cheeks warm.


After meeting everybody we decide to go back to Niall's place for Chinese food. After being full to bursting point we settle down on the couch with Louis and Eleanor on a loveseat and the rest of us awkwardly spread out on the couch.

"What should we watch guys?"

The answers were: The Notebook by Louis and Eleanor. Toy Story by Liam. Nothing from Zayn who is checking Twitter. And Paranormal Activity from Harry and I. After a long argument over movies, we finally decide to watch Paranormal Activity.

In a matter of minutes, everyone is curled up in blankets hiding their eyes except for Harry and I who love horror movies. A half hour later, I'm too tired to hold my head up and it falls to Harry's shoulder.



Hello! I was inspired to write this from the new season of Pretty Little Liars. If you don't know what that is than you need to crawl out from under your rock and look it up. I hope to update every day but if that doesn't happen that..srry☺






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