Mystery Guy Saved My Life???

This story is about a girl who gets rapped by her brother's friend in a alley. When her brother finds out it's to late, because she is no where to be found. Her name is Massie Block. Does she start to fall for theystery guy? Or does she not? Stay tuned to find out.


5. Where Am I

 When I woke up I was in an huge room with no body but me. I got up out of bed and just st their on the bed thinking. Then I remembered the last thing that happened that night. I cried just thinking about it. Then I heard foot steps coming from the hallway. Then a guy walked through the door. Not any type of guy a special one you could see it in his eyes. When he walked through the door he looked scared and nervous.

" whats wrong is someone here? Did you hurt yourself? Did you forget what happened? he said

" No I didnt and whats your name anyway? I said with great curiousity

" oh........ its.......... um........ justin bieber" he said as he was looking the other way

" WHAT!!!!! please dont hurt me but please pinch me because I think im dreaming!" 

The last thing I remember is passing out in his arms.

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