Mystery Guy Saved My Life???

This story is about a girl who gets rapped by her brother's friend in a alley. When her brother finds out it's to late, because she is no where to be found. Her name is Massie Block. Does she start to fall for theystery guy? Or does she not? Stay tuned to find out.


6. Waking Up

 When I woke up I just wiped my eyes and looked around the room. I was a little scared at first. Then I remembered what had happened. I had this crazy dream that I met justin Bieber. Then when I hear footsteps to the right of me I look over and its Justin. So that wasn't a dream.

" whats your name?" Justin says to me

"I say "Massie.........Massie Block"

" nice name for a pretty girl" he says

" are you really THE Justin Bieber from tv, interviews, and music?"

" Yea I actually am except for the tv part im not on tv just yet" he says a little cocky

" so your cocky im guessing"

" i guess shawtey"

I laugh at what he just said shawtey. Ha classic.

" Do you even know what that means" I ask trying so hard not to laugh

" no but I guess you do" he says a little annoyed

  Just as I was about to answer his phone went off and he just stared at it then pocked it up after the third ring. Then he left me in the eoom all alone.

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