Mystery Guy Saved My Life???

This story is about a girl who gets rapped by her brother's friend in a alley. When her brother finds out it's to late, because she is no where to be found. Her name is Massie Block. Does she start to fall for theystery guy? Or does she not? Stay tuned to find out.


3. The Restaurant

 When we got to the restaurant we all just started to talk and laugh at everything and everyone. We laughed when the guy dropped his food on him! Then Tyler had to ask if me and James were going out! How STUPID!!!

I said "um............ NO!"

My brother looked at James and Chase as if to say oh.

I said " excuse me I have to use the bathroom."

" There are no bathrooms in here." Said Chase

" ok then I will go outside and find one then!" I said in an angry tone

" i will go with you" they all said in unison

" no im fine I will go alone."

" wont" chase said

" fine!"

"k well we will be right back" chase said in a smirking tone

It was so suspisious of Chase to smirk so I was SCARED!



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