Mystery Guy Saved My Life???

This story is about a girl who gets rapped by her brother's friend in a alley. When her brother finds out it's to late, because she is no where to be found. Her name is Massie Block. Does she start to fall for theystery guy? Or does she not? Stay tuned to find out.


7. The Phone Call

Justin's P.O.V
Just as this pretty fucking girl was about to answer my question my phone goes off i say excuse me and walk out the room.
" justin where the hell are you!" scooter screams at me shit shit shit i totally forgot i have a interview with a new interviewer today!!!
" ummmm can i ummm maybe bring someone a girl to be exact with me???"
" k scoot thanks" before scooter even replies i hang up an go back to the room.

Massie's P.O.V
just as im about to start worrying yeah i know i barley know the guy but he's th boy who saed my life!!! When he walked in he seemed concerned
" whats wrong justin?"
" ohhh um nothing i was um wondering if you um"
" are you ok?"
" yeah just wondering if you want to come to an interview with me cuz i dont feel good leaving you here alone"
" awwwwwww that's so sweet but i think i ehould go home you know so i dont bother you any more"
" what makes you think im bothered???"
" you seem unconfortable with me sitting on your bed"
" ohhhhh...........but do you want to come???"
" sure" damn this boy is so damn eager to have me come with him to his interview. so we get in his car did i tell you it's red like red red!!! On the way to the interview i can't help but think that justin's looking at me!!! Yeah im a red head with curves not to brag or anything but they are all in the right places!!! i mean damn anyway i look over and catch him staring at me
" keep your eyes on the road not on me k???" i love it mas flirty and firce
" ohhhhh what makes you think im staring at you?" damn he's eager!
" what else would you be staring at???"
" true but i could be staring at ummm ummm fine you got me i was staring at you!"
After minutes of akward silence we where there at the interview!!! I was so excited that I started crying at the thought of what happened yesterday!!! I started thinking that I would never see my dad again because of stupid fucking Chase!!!
" are you okay do you need help do you want to go???" he starts to throw all these questions at me i get nervous
" ummmmmmm no thanks im fine" i had to put on a fake smile before he loosened his grip of my arm. He really cares about how I feel. I wonder why?

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