Even One direction's biggest fan, Skylar, have issues with her life. She gets bullied, her mom are alcoholic, her dad is in jail, she cuts herself every night, she's so close to suicide. And she promised herself that after the 1D concert, she was going to kill herself. Before the concert she meets Niall Horan, she tries to take pictures with him but her phone won't work. But what happens when Niall finds out about her life? Will he help her? Will she commit suicide? Read to find out!


10. The news.

Skylar's P.O.V

I woke up and turned on the lights. Today's the day! Just a few more hours until the concert. I had to get home to get my makeup.

I stepped outside bringing my backstage ticket with me, I took the bus back home and opened the caravan door. My mom was home, but she was asleep on the couch.

I quietly went inside and packed my makeup in a bag. I was about to get my concwert ticket that I hided behind my pillow, I lifted the pillow up before I got a punch in my head. I fell down and turned around as I saw my mom standing there.

"You're always outside! Never home when I'm home!" She shouted to me.

"Maybe because you're beating me up everytime I'm home with you!" I shouted back as she kicked me in my stomach.

Her eyes went over to my pillow, she removed it and picked up my ticket, "What's this?!" She asked waving the ticket in front of my face.

"Not your business!" I shouted trying to take the ticket.

My eyes widened as i saw her tear the ticket in half, and she dropped it in front of me.

Then she walked outside leaving me with a broken ticket..

Little did she know that I had the backstage ticket, I sighed as I stood up packing the rest of my makeup and went outside. 

I took the bus back to the city and went to the library. I don't read, but they have a television there and a big bathroom.

I went inside the bathroom washing my face then putting my makeup on. I went over to the TV and switched to the news.

One direction was on. I turned up the volume as saw Niall caming towards the camras, microphones were all up in his face, "Are you and this Skylar girl dating?" I heard the interwiever say.

I didn't know it myself... He was treating me like we were dating, or maybe it all was because he felt bad for me.

"No. Skylar and I are not dating! I barely know her. We just had a couple of drinks because she saved me from being mobbed." Niall spoke with a serious face.

A tear streamed down my face as I could litterally feel my heart rip in two pieces..

Niall's P.O.V

I really hope Skylar didn't see this live news. After I said that the boys and I walked into my tourbus. We were heading to the arena, I didn't say anything on the way there, Liam walked over to me.

"Everything alright?" He asked patting my back.

"You know what? No. That girl is suicidal, and if she watched the news where I told them I barely knew her, I will only make it worse for her. I tried to help her through this!" I ran my fingers through my hair all stressed.

"She is suicidal?" Liam asked shocked.

"Her life ain't simple.." Was everything I could say, all the boys were looking at me, but I couldn't tell them more.

We arrived the arena and he boys and I stepped inside. We practised for like 15 minutes before the managment came to me, "The media is outside." They spoke angrily.

"I have already told them tha..." They interrupted me, "Skylar is there too."

Shit... She has seen the news..

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